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WBC Tops the List of China’s First-class Private Universities again
Date:2020-09-03 07:35:02 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

According to recently released 2020 Wu Shulian Chinese Private University Ranking, Wenzhou Business College (WBC) is placed at the first in a row, and also takes the number one spot of Chinese Private University Selection Priority Ranking.

It is learned that “Chinese Private University and Independent College Evaluation 2020” project, chaired by Wu Shulian, the leader of the “Chinese University Evaluation Research Group” of China Academy of Management Science, was completed in August, 2020 and its achievement entitled “Choosing University & Major – Guidelines for GAOKAO in 2020 (Private Universities and Independent Colleges Only)” gave out a list of 16 Chinese first-class private universities. Chinese first-class private universities stand for the highest comprehensive indicator standard of Chinese private universities, and only those ranking among the top 10% of Chinese Private University Selection Priority Ranking can be listed as Chinese first-class private universities. Chinese Private University Selection Priority Ranking is based on the weighted sum of rankings in following three aspects: graduates quality, teachers’ innovation ability,and teachers’ performance. In addition to both first places at Chinese Private University Ranking and Chinese Private University Selection Priority Ranking, WBC ranks sixth in graduates quality, fifth in teachers’ innovation ability and second in teachers’ performance.

As the only undergraduate college of business and a national pilot college for educational system reform in the southern Zhejiang province, WBC runs by the philosophy of “staying close to society, industry and international community”, and positively explores new mode of talent training. For instance, since the Finance Featured Class opened in 2002, it has jointly trained more than 18,000 financial professionals, among whom 3,000 odd work in banking, securities, futures, wealth management and other institutions, and another 100 odd hold the posts of directors, deputy governors and governors of various financial institutions.

At present, the College takes the lead in launching the "Wenshang Dream Factory", a simulation laboratory for innovation and entrepreneurship operating and decision-making, and establishing the "Wenshang · Mass Innovation Space", a state-level mass innovation space. Up to now, they have incubated 35 periods of more than 400 entrepreneurial projects, and the annual turnover is over 40 million yuan. “Report on Career Development and Talent Cultivation Quality of College Graduates in Zhejiang Province” shows that in recent years, the average entrepreneurship rate of graduates from WBC is 7.3%, ranking the top three of undergraduate universities in Zhejiang province. A few days ago, CCTV News Channel, CCTV News Column Morning News and China Education Television had all reported the achievements of entrepreneurship practice education of WBC.

It is learned that WBC is cooperating with Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in the training of master's degree students, and has Wenzhou Research Base of National Finance and Development Laboratory, Qinqing School of Business and Government (with the aim to achieve a close and clean government-business relationship), Wenzhou Rural College, Wenzhou "Two Health" Research Institute and other research and service institutes. In the future, WBC will continue to rely on "Wenshang · Mass Entrepreneurship Space" and VBSE, the first entrepreneurship platform for college students in China, to enable more students to participate in entrepreneurship practice.

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