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Live-action Show premiered at Taishun Gallery Bridge
Date:2020-09-02 07:58:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On August 27th, a short video of a live-action night show in the rain at the Beijian Gallery Bridge in Taishun was greatly reposted in Wechat Moments of Taishun people. In the video, dancers, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and costumes of She ethnic group in Taishun, were dancing by the Beijian Gallery Bridge -- “the World’s Most Beautiful Gallery Bridge". They were very pretty and graceful against drizzles and night lights on the stream.

This is on-the-spot record of the show in the theme of “I will wait for you at the Gallery Bridge”, which was performed on the night of the Chinese Valentine's Day, August 25 and the evening of August 26 at Beijian Gallery Bridge in Sixi Town, Taishun.

Rural Love Story—the first live-action night show in Taishun

According to Xia Lingzhi, director of the live-action show and curator of the Cultural Center in Taishun, the show is based on a love story happened by the Gallery Bridge, including three parts—Encounter, Love and Harmony, which tell how a couple met each other, fell in love and lived in happiness. The show took different places as its scenes, such as the Beijian Gallery Bridge, tea house by the bridge, stone steps on water, greenways and stage above water, to highlight “Sanbeixiang” green tea, gallery bridges under protection of state level, marionettes, customs of She ethnic group, the hundred-table feast and other elements with local characteristics, so as to enable audience to enjoy local cultural flavor.

“We only have less than a week for all the preparations, from the site inspection to the performance. The performers rehearsed day and night, while the stage group worked until 3:00 or 4:00 am every day. The stage was originally set on the sand, but moved to the underside of the gallery bridge  when we found it would be more beautiful there.” said Xia Lingzhi, “more than 100 performers participated in the show.”

It is learned that there is no anchor, but narratage to make the show into three parts. With opening words and epilogue, it has seven episodes, lasting forty minutes. The show is quite different in style. Act One “Encounter” is happy and light, describing the fragment of green tea and the happiness of young girls in tea village; Act Two “Love” is beautiful and lyrical, showing the exquisite waters, mountains and ecological environment in Taishun; and Act Three “Harmony” is jubilant and natural, telling the historical culture and custom of Taishun, and its people’s happy life, as well as the love story of the hero and heroine.

Enriching tourism activities and upgrading Taishun Gallery Bridge and Radon Spring Resort to a state-level scenic area)

“Because of the heavy rain, the live-action show was delayed. On the evening of Chinese Valentine’s day, over 10,000 audience waited near the Beijian Gallery Bridge for the show. However, the afternoon storm had damaged the equipment, which took a long time to get fixed, so the show started not until 9:00 pm. On the evening of August 26th, though it was still raining, thousands of audience showed up for the show. So we can see people have great enthusiasm for the show.” Weng Shijing, secretary of the CPC Sixi town Committee of Taishun County, told the reporter that this live-action show is also a sign that Taishun Gallery Bridge-Radon Spring Resort has its own night show. Weng said that in order to reverse the impact of covid-19 on tourism, the local government offers special allowance for employees’ recreation and convalescent travels, provides bonus for tourism agencies, enriches tourism activities around Beijian Gallery Bridge and works out other supportive policies. As a result, the number of visitors to Sixi has increased significantly.

According to Zhang Deyu, Party secretary of Taishun Gallery Bridge and Radon Spring Management Committee, Taishun Gallery Bridge-Radon Spring Resort became a provincial tourism resort in 2014, and in 2017, the local government proposed to upgrade it into a national one. Without damaging local original ecological environment, the Gallery Bridge and Radon Spring Management Committee has developed many interactive and experimental activities full of rural taste for tourists, for instance, in the slogan of "A visit to Taishun brings you good luck", a praying wall by the Beijian Gallery Bridge, a newly web celebrity “Romance Flower Field”, and “Fishing in the Troubled Water” have been developed. “Since the beginning of summer holiday, there has been regular puppet show every day and free tea and water for tourists beside the Beijian Gallery Bridge, which attracted an explosive growth of tourists,” introduced Zhang Deyu.

Xie Bishi, deputy director of Taishun County Culture-Radio-Television-Tourism-Sports Bureau regarded the live-action show “I’ll wait for you at the Gallery Bridge” as the first step of night show of Taishun tourism and night economy. It has set an example for other scenic spots in Taishun, and more night shows will be on in the future.

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