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A National Aviation Flight Camp Settles in Taishun
Date:2020-09-14 07:31:58 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

South Zhejiang Sports Aviation Flight Camp enters the rank of the national.

It was learned from Taishun County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports on September 9th that the South Zhejiang Sports Aviation Flight Camp (SZSAFC), located in Mianqianling Village, Xiyang Town, was recently listed in the fifth group of national aviation flight camps. As the first emerging project of low-altitude tourism development, the first flying culture featured project, and the first emergency public safety service project in the mountainous areas of South Zhejiang, this aviation flight camp is also the first comprehensive flight base in Zhejiang that undertakes the training and experience of paragliders, wheeled paramotors, powered delta wings, drones and helicopters. Top domestic and foreign coaches reside there for on-site teaching and flying.

“Becoming a national aviation flight camp means that we will do a better job of camp management in accordance with laws and regulations in future, and be able to provide consumers with various high-quality aviation sports in a more standardized manner,” said Zhou Hanlin who is in charge of the SZSAFC on September 9th. As a major tourism project for the “Return of Taishun Businessmen”, this project, with a total investment of 350 million yuan, has begun planning and preparation after the first Air Travel Carnival held in Xiyang Town, Taishun County in April 2018. Thanks to the vigorous support and considerate services of Taishun County and Xiyang Town, the project completed its first-phase construction goal in September 2019 and was officially put into use on the 29th of that month. In the first phase, there is a paraglider base, a helicopter hangar (with three aprons), Huoshaodun Starry Camp, a hot-air balloon experience zone and a wheeled paramotor and paramotor delta wing experience zone. At present, the paraglider base covers more than 3,600 m2, the helicopter hangar more than 3,900 m2, and the Huoshaodun Starry Camp nearly 40,000 m2.

In fact, before it was graded as “national”, the SZSAFC, a fashionable tourism project, had already become an “online popular” travel destination by dint of its charm. “Since its operation last year, I have been here with my family for 5 times. In addition to paramotors and paragliders that can fly thousands of meters high, there are also rainbow slides and grass space balls for the whole family to play together. The amusement items are fresh and diverse, to children’s liking in particular,” said Wei Chaokuai who lives in the county town of Taishun, a frequent visitor to the aviation flight camp. In addition to local tourists like Wei, the SZSAFC has also attracted many mid-to-high-end tourists from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Fuzhou, Ningde and other places since it operated last year. Although affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, it still has received about 100,000 passengers since its opening. During the May Day holiday this year alone, it received 27,000 tourists who not only brought business boom tolocal homestays and farmhouses in Xiyang , but also gave wealth to the surrounding townships such as Da’an, Sankui, and Xiaocun. Many tourists have also become consumers of high-end hotels in Taishun County.

In recent years, persisting in promoting the great development of tourism by large projects, Taishun County is continuously shaping a new engine of projects with “10 billion investment" including the SZSAFC. With the focus on matchmaking with large-scale state-owned enterprises, central enterprises or well-known tourism enterprises related to tourism, it has established enterprise resource bank of project construction, planning and design, tourism marketing and hotel construction, and has paid close attention to the “top ten tourism investment promotion projects”. In addition to constantly improving the flight camp, it is also accelerating the implementation of a number of key projects, such as Feilongxi Scenic Spot and Shizhuyuan Smart Ecological Experience Park. The construction of projects such as Yunwu Lake Rose Town and Nanshanxia Landscape Rural Resort has already been initiated, the construction of the projects under way such as the Radon Spring Tourism Resort and Life House in East China Grand Canyon has been sped up, and a number of projects such as Xiaocun Commune, Xuli Xu’aodi Ancient Village etc. have been finished and put into use.

Next, Taishun County will fasten the construction of “ten historical and cultural projects”, including Taishun Cultural Center, Culture and Etiquette Academy and Jiangnan Boutique Demonstration Base with Hundred-Family Banquet of New Year’s Taste. This year, it will strive to invest over 3.2 billion yuan in cultural and tourism projects, with a year-on-year increase of more than 20%.

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