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Wenzhou's First "Railway Port" to be Put into Use
Date:2020-09-10 14:38:16 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On September 4th, the supervision place of Madrid-Yiwu Train in Wenzhou successfully completed the project taking-over, and is expected to be officially put into use in October. It is reported that Wenzhou supervision place mainly offers multimodal transport customs supervision services, which can realize the local customs declaration, inspection, release, and customs clearance of import and export goods, thereby further improving the efficiency of freight train customs clearance, increasing methods of express delivery, cross-border e-commerce import and export transportation. Its completion also marks that Wenzhou will formally form a new pattern of all-round opening of seaport, airport, post and railway.

According to the introduction, Madrid-Yiwu Train refers to the international special trains departing from Yiwu, China, passing through the Alashankou port in Xinjiang, Central Asian and European countries. Wenzhou is one of the node cities. On November 19th, 2019, Madrid-Yiwu Train was successfully debuted. In order to beef up the foreign trade enterprises along Madrid-Yiwu railway line, expand its functions as a “railway port,” Wenzhou government began to make overall plans for a supervision place last October.

The supervision place is located on the north of Wenzhou West Freight Station of Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, with a total land area of 16,481 square meters and a construction area of 4104 square meters, including freight yards, supervision warehouses and technical rooms. The project is led by Port of Entry and Exit of Wenzhou Municipal Government Office, and the Wenzhou Rail Transit Asset Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Municipal Railway Investment Group, is specifically responsible for its implementation. In the implementation of the project, although the epidemic affected the resumption of work and the relocation of the plant, it took only 10 months to finish all the project, from the planning and design, land acquisition and demolition, construction to the completion of the project with the joint efforts of different departments, which fully demonstrate “Wenzhou Speed.”

With the deeper cooperation between Wenzhou government and Madrid-Yiwu Train, the train will extend its operational services directly to the source of goods, continuously strengthen the agglomeration effect of the sources of goods in Zhejiang province, and enhance the comparative advantage of supply organization and industrial support, as well as competitiveness and operational efficiency of Madrid-Yiwu Train. At the same time, it will effectively strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between Wenzhou and countries along the “Belt and Road”, promote the construction of a distribution center for imported goods in South Zhejiang province, North Fujian province, and East Jiangxi province, as well as market procurement trade and high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce.

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