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Serial Vlog Network Video “Cool Wenzhou!” Starts Rolling
Date:2020-09-01 12:38:45 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the foreign anchor, Bonino Gabriella, who has the Chinese name Tang Yun, has been seen to enthusiastically tell about Wenzhou in front of the camera with a poster of “Cool Wenzhou!” in hands at such shooting scenes as Jiangxin Islet, Wuma Street, and the Stone Carving Museum. She was filming the first episode of the serial Vlog network video “Cool Wenzhou!”.

“Cool Wenzhou!”, a serial Vlog network video, witnessed its official rolling on July 22. Its filming activity is hosted by Wenzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries under the guidance of Wenzhou Foreign Affairs Office. And its planning, filming, and publicity are in the charge of the Film and Television Production Center of Wenzhou Metropolis Daily.

The first episode of the video is anchored by the Italian Sinologist Tang Yun, known as the contemporary female “Marco Polo”. Tang Yun once worked in the Italian Department of China Radio International (CRI), and the program she anchored won the Award of Famous Columns of China News. With a comprehensive and unique insight into Wenzhou culture, she edited and produced more than a dozen radio programs about Wenzhou and Wenzhouese. In this episode, Tang introduced in Italian the long history of Wenzhou as an important node of the “Maritime Silk Road” from the perspective of an Italian, as well as the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit of Wenzhouese and the innovative and enterprising urban culture of Wenzhou.

In order to showcase the good image of Wenzhou, Wenzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries launched the 2020 Foreign Exchange Image Representative Training Plan, which includes the filming and dissemination of the serial Vlog online videos “Cool Wenzhou!”

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