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Wenzhou Accelerates the Build-out of the 5G Network
Date:2020-07-28 14:13:12 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

“As of July 20, 5G subscribers in Wenzhou has exceeded 500,000. This year, 5G network service will cover all counties, cities and districts in Wenzhou.” Recently, China Mobile Wenzhou Company(CMWC) officially has announced that since the company started commercial operation of 5G network on October 31, 2019, the build-out of 5G network had been accelerated continuously. As mobile phone manufacturers began to sell off their 4G mobile phones, 5G mobile phones have become mainstream products released by manufacturers, and the price of many 5G mobile phones has been lower than 1000 yuan.


Nearly 5,000 5G base stations have been built

Over 500,000 5G subscribers

“CMWC has invested 3.4 billion yuan and it is expected that by the end of this year, the coverage of 5G network can be extended to the whole city.” A staff of the company says that by now, CMWC has completed the construction of nearly 5,000 5G base stations, every districts and counties, Longwan International Airport, Light Rail S1 line and Wenzhou South Railway Station and other key areas have been contiguously covered. Now, Wenzhou boasts more than 3 million 5G subscribers and over 500,000 mobile 5G subscribers.

China Telecom Wenzhou Company(CTWC):

Launched “Three Gigabit” network service

Recently, CTWC has launched the “Three Gigabit” network service, that is, 5G, broadband and Wi-Fi networks have reached gigabit speed. It also means that you can enjoy gigabit speed Internet services and intelligent experience whether you are outdoors or at home.

“A few years ago, we initiated gigabit broadband Internet experience in Wenzhou. With the popularization of 5G networks and the application of WiFi6 technology, the network has entered the era of Three Gigabit.” A staff of CTWC says that CTWC is stepping up the build-out of 5G network. It is expected that in the second half of this year, 5G network coverage will be extended to the urban areas of Wenzhou; at the same time, broadband and Wi-Fi private customized installation and maintenance services for household and workplace have been launched, including whole-house Wi-Fi network design, gigabit broadband, TianYi Cloud and other 5G applications, which have realized the full coverage of gigabit networks on mobile and desktop applications.

4G mobile phone: clearing out inventory

5G mobile phone: a more favourable option

It is known that some large mobile phone manufacturers have gradually stopped releasing 4G mobile phones and cleared out inventory of 4G mobile phones. “Since this March, almost all new-released mobile phones are 5G mobile phones. 4G new mobile phones are very rare.” Mr. Wang, the owner of Wenzhou Dada Digital, says that 4G mobile phones have entered the final stage. With the popularity of 5G mobile phones, manufacturers including Huawei, Xiaomi, and Vivo have successively launched a variety of 5G mobile phones with a price lower than 1,000 yuan. The price of 5G mobile phones continues to drop, which has also accelerated the customers’ preference for 5G mobile phones. A staff of CMWC says that as the price of 5G mobile phones is more favorable and more convenient to use, more and more customers opt for 5G mobile phones and subscribe 5G networks.

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