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“Wenzhou Speed”: 3 Major Asian Games Venues in Wenzhou on the “Champion List”
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When the 19th Asian Games 2022 is about to enter the 2 years countdown, the Organizing Committee of the 19th Asian Games released the “Champion List” for the construction of the Asian Games venues for the new quarter, on which are the three major Asian Games venues in Wenzhou. Wenzhou Sports Center Stadium was the champion in the construction progress evaluation of the second group of construction venues; Wenzhou Dragon Boat Base ranked second in the construction progress evaluation of the first group of construction venues, and Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium was commended as well. The achievements of those three venues demonstrated to the outside world the “Wenzhou Speed”.

The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou from September 10 to September 25, 2022. Wenzhou, as a branch venue of the Games, will host football and dragon boat competitions. In spite of the coronavirus epidemic this year, the sports system in Wenzhou resumed the construction of its three major Games venues in the first quarter of this year. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it sped up the pace of construction, achieving or even exceeding the expected progress.

As the venue for the Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, the upgrading and renovation project of the Wenzhou Sports Center Stadium, scheduled to be completed before March 2021, officially started on December 25 last year. With a total investment of 64,812,600 yuan, it will upgrade and renovate the existing buildings of the stadium to meet the requirements of hosting intercontinental football matches. This quarter, it was elected as the “Efficiency Champion” for completing 39.14% of the total annual engineering volume in a quarter.

The Olympic Sports Center Stadium located in Yongzhong Street, Longwan District initiated the construction in June 2018. It will include a 50,000-seat large-scale Class A main stadium and supporting outdoor training grounds. At present, the cumulative investment of the project has exceeded 50%, and it is expected to be completed by the end of this year to ensure that it will be put into use before March 2021.

As for the Wenzhou Dragon Boat Sports Base in Ouhai District, the venue of the Dragon Boat Competition of the Asian Games, its pile foundation construction began on October 28th, 2019, and its main structure was capped on July 6, 2020. This quarter, the project completed 48.89% of the annual total project volume and 72.19% of the cumulative total project volume. It is expected that the Asian Games test competition will be ushered in after the Spring Festival in 2021.

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