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Wenzhou to Incubate an Industrial Cluster for Smart Electrical Equipment
Date:2020-07-20 07:30:06 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

It is learned from Wenzhou Electric Appliance Trade Association (WZEA) that Wenzhou is going to incubate international intelligent electrical industrial cluster like Sun Valley in Central Germany and Nanjing of Jiangsu province as benchmarking examples to create new industry advantage with new vitality. By seizing the developing opportunity of smart electric grid and Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things (UEIOT) to accelerate the fostering and development of key equipment such as low & medium voltage electrical equipment, high-voltage electrical equipment, Smart Grid devices, Power Generating Equipment with solar energy and wind energy, Wenzhou aims to realize the miniaturization of equipment, intelligentization of device and Internetization of system. Based on Yueqing as the key point together with Zhenan (South Zhejiang Province) Industry Cluster Area, we strive to form an upgrading pattern of green, intellectualization and digitization for electrical industrial cluster.

As the first One hundred billion industries, Wenzhou’s electrical industry has always kept about 8% growth rate in total industrial output value. Recently, the latest list of China’s top 100 electrical industry companies (2020) has released, among which are many Wenzhou electrical companies ranking top. Especially, Chint Group and Delixi Group are both regarded as China Electrical Industry Leading Companies (2020). An insider from the digital workshop of Yueqing production base of Chint Group explained that the reason of maintaining a high rate of growth for several years was due to comprehensive industry chains of Wenzhou. In Yueqing production base, Chint Group’s production line enjoys a complete range of styles and classifications including at least more than 80 processing categories from auxiliary raw materials, components covering containers to engineering plastics, punching parts. More importantly, about 90% of its suppliers are distributed in Yueqing locally.

Huang Zhongping, secretary-general of Zhejiang Electrical Industry Association, said, “The foundation of prosperity of Yueqing electrical industry is to implement the matching measures as perfect as possible and to form the core competitiveness of regional economy.” The correlation between Yueqing electrical enterprises is so strong that a leading enterprise can drive hundreds of small and medium-size enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

The cultivation of world-class intelligent electrical industrial cluster is inseparable from the small and micro enterprises under the industrial subdivision. At the beginning of this year,Yueqing issued “Ten New Projects on Technical Reform” implementation. In response to the phenomenon that big enterprises do not worry about compensating,while small enterprises lack of subsidies, the vision will be aimed on small and micro enterprises whose spirit is willing but the flesh is weak when facing the crunch time of technical reform. On the one hand,free technical reform diagnosis should be carried out for enterprises. On the other hand,the coverage of subsidies will be expanded,which the threshold of subsidies is lowered from 2 million yuan to 500,000 yuan and the subsidy ratio reaches up to 30% and the maximum subsidy for individual project is also raised from 10 million yuan to 12 million yuan to encourage enterprises to carry out large-scale intelligent technical reform projects.

Meanwhile,in this year, Wenzhou will give full play to its basic industrial strength whose core is electricity and further extend chain,supply chain,strengthen chain and optimize chain. In addition,Wenzhou will raise the level and competitiveness of industries and speed up the upgrading of intelligent production,products and management and build 30 demonstration digital workshops and smart factories with high standards and strive to increase 280 technical reform projects including 55 technical reform projects with equipment investment of over 10 million yuan, an increasing of over 20%.

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