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Deputy Mayor:Tang Xiaoshu
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Tang Xiaoshu,Deputy Mayor


Tang Xiaoshu is in charge of the government work concerning education, public health, sports, medical security, chorography compilation, etc.,

responsible for Wenzhou Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Health Committee, Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Medical Security Bureau, Municipal Administrative Committee of Yandangshan Mountain Scenic District, and the institutions of higher education directly under the leadership of the Wenzhou Municipal Government.

She is also responsible for liaison with Wenzhou Municipal Culture-Radio-Television-Tourrism Bureau, Municipal Chorography Compilation Office, Municipal Federation of Literature and Art Circles, Municipal Social Science Association,Municipal Committee for Senior citizens, Red Cross, Wenzhou Daily Newspaper Group, Wenzhou Radio and TV Media Group, non-local news media in Wenzhou, and the provincial institutions of higher education in Wenzhou.


Tang Yushu, born in September 1968, female, ethnic Han,native to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, and non-partisan. First employed in August 1990, now she is a senior engineer, owning an in-service postgraduate diploma, and a MPA degree.

1986.9-1990.8  Student of Zhejiang University of Fisheries Machinery Department, majoring in Machinery Design and Manufacturing;

1990.8-1998.6  Member of the Wenzhou Rural Energy Technology Extension Station;

1998.6-2000.4  Manager of the Wenzhou Rural New Energy Technology Extension Service Station, and Executive and an Engineer of the Wenzhou New Energy Environment Design Department;

2000.4-2004.6  Deputy Director of the Wenzhou Rural Energy Office;

2004.6-2006.11  Director of the Wenzhou Rural Energy Office (In March 2004, she was sent to Wangzhai Village, Wuniu Town, Yongjia County as a senior engineer and grassroots work instructor);

2006.11-2011.10 Deputy Mayor of Pingyang County (From August 2010 to August 2011, she studied for a MPA degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology,USA);

2011.10-2012.1 Candidate of Deputy Head of the Longwan District of Wenzhou;

2012.1-2013.1   Deputy Head of the Longwan District of Wenzhou;

2013.1-2014.7   Deputy Head of the Longwan District of Wenzhou, and Deputy Director of the Wenzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Administration Committee;

2014.7-2015.4Deputy Head of the Longwan District of Wenzhou;

2015.4-2018.12  Director of the Wenzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau;

2018.12-2019.9  Director of the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government Financial Affairs Office;

2019.9-   Vice Mayor of the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government.

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