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Nantang Night Tour Project (Phase II) to Be Completed by the End of 2020
Date:2020-07-10 07:40:26 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

It is learned from Wenzhou Modern Group that the construction of Tanghe Night Tour Project (Phase II) in Wenzhou is currently in full swing, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. By then, new landmarks with profound history and and humanistic culture, including the Water Town Cultural Museum and the Nanxi Cultural Park, will be officially unveiled.

Relying on the urban night tourism development model of “cultural and creative lighting + night tour operation” , Impression Nantang Cultural Tourism Zone has made Wenzhou Moonlight Economic Brand well-known in recent years. Projects like Impression Nantang light show and “Tanghe night painting” have become the golden business card of Wenzhou’s “night tour economy”. The eve of the Spring Festival this year witnessed the official operation of the Tanghe Night Tour Project (Phase I) , which starts from Nantang Street Cruise Terminal in the east and reaches Xishan Bridge in the west, lasting 4.2 kilometers in total. Its style of sightseeing along “cruise” breaks through the traditional stage performance mode. Fantastic artistic lights, colorful and bright elements, combined with large-scale water curtains, 3D images, laser special effects and other diversified technical means and elaborate arrangement, present an ingeniously designed audio-visual feast for the citizens. According to statistics, since the restart of the night tour in April, Nantang night cruises have sailed 138 times in total, receiving 2,548 passengers who fill 36.9% of seats.

According to reports, the night tour project(phase II) includes 5,000㎡ of supporting rooms. With a total investment of about 5 million yuan, it plans to build the Aegean Island Wedding Memorial Center, Water Town Cultural Center, Nanxi Cultural Park, Tourist Service Center, and No.1 Pier Promenade, etc. Currently, project construction plan has been submitted to relevant authorities for examination.

Next, Wenzhou Modern Group plans to turn the north square of Nantang Style Street into a cultural and creative night fair, introducing intangible cultural heritage products, cultural and creative industries, experiential play, stage and online celebrity live broadcast rooms, Internet-famous delicacies, local specialty snacks and other formats. The fair is expected to be completed at the end of August, with a total planned area of about 500 ㎡. In this way, the Moonlight Economic Brand Circle will be further expanded to meet the upgraded consumption and diversified consumption needs of citizens and tourists.

Leadership from Wenzhou Modern Group states that the commissioning of the two phases of the night tour project will comprehensively raise the quality and profile of Nantang Cultural Tourism Zone, effectively revitalize the tourism resources in this area, promote such service industries as catering, retail, entertainment, etc., and popularize Wenzhou Moonlight Economic Brand, injecting vitality into Wenzhou’s night economy.

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