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Wenzhou Plans to Boast 10 Mln Permanent Residents
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A few days ago, Several Opinions on Building Wenzhou into a City with a Permanent Population of 10 million (Exposure Draft), formulated by the Wenzhou Municipal People’s  Government General Office,  was released to solicit public opinions.

The goal proposed in the document: by 2025, the Wenzhou's permanent population will reach 10 million, with a 8.8 million registered population and 5.8 million employees; the urban population will reach 4.5 million, with a population urbanization rate of 72%; the young people’s proportion of the city’s total will continue to rise, and the proportion of manufacturing employees will come to 50% of the total; the city's total talents will amount to 2.17 million, persons with higher education will account for 25% of the main working-age population, highly-skilled workers will make up 30% of the skilled workers, and the talents will be further internationalized.

On July 12, 2019, the Eighth Plenary Session of the 12th Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China passed the "Decision on Comprehensively Improving the Primacy Degree of Central Urban District and Accelerating the Construction of Regional Central Cities."  The decision stated that by 2025, Wenzhou should achieve a permanent population of 10 million."

According to the data released by the Wenzhou Municipal Statistics Bureau, at the end of 2019, the permanent population of Wenzhou was 9.3 million, an increase of 50,000 compared with its 9.25 million at the end of 2018. The following will expound how Wenzhou will achieve the goal of owning 10 millions of permanent residents in the coming years.

The document says Wenzhou has planned to study and formulate a medium- and long-term population development plan for the city, and made clear the development goal and its realization paths of Wenzhou's population size, structure, quality and distribution as well as its talent density for a long period of time in the future. The specific measures are to further enlarge the size, strengthen the economy, keep the smooth traffic, optimize the functions, and beautify the environment of the central urban area, and to guide the convenient and orderly population flow, and rationalization and optimization of layout in the central urban area. In addition, the city will accelerate the pace of abolishing county-level cities to establish districts, expand the urban areas, and enhance the population-carrying capacity of the central urban area so as to improve its primacy degree in an all-round way.

Meanwhile, Wenzhou will comprehensively implement a “Trillion Yuan Investment Plan” for traditional manufacturing remodeling and strategic emerging industry cultivation to form population agglomeration by optimizing industry development. The city will pool all efforts to promote the construction of 3 major platforms plus 12 provincial economic and technical development zones to integrate and upgrade municipal ones (development parks). It has also planned to accelerate the construction of a new industry platform covering 10,000 mu and with 100 billion yuan of investment to promote people to find jobs on the platform so that they will flow to and aggregate there. Guided by the construction of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the city will create a “highland” of technological innovation talent resources, which is backed by the construction of the Technological Innovation Corridor around DaLuoshan Mountain. Besides, it is planned to accelerate the construction of new industry zones in eastern Wenzhou to establish a strategic platform that can contain millions of permanent residents. In the new zones, the reform of recruiting employees will be conducted to employ more outstanding professionals, and to let them engaged in the work of their interests.

Overseas college graduates and those with industrial skills are welcome to develop or start up businesses in Wenzhou. The city will vigorously support and foster talents in key areas short of professionals, and those with special skills. College graduates at home and abroad can enjoy preferential treatment, such as employment and house rent subsidies, free training, 50% discount on public transportation (including rail transit) fees if they settle in the city and cover social insurance. Wenzhou’s non-native college graduates are encouraged to be employed or start up businesses locally. Strong policy support will be provided to these graduates to let them enjoy the same preferential treatment as those from“double first-class” institutions of higher education. Wenzhou will implement the plan encouraging locally-born talents settling down outside of the city to serve or invest in their hometown. An information database on overseas talents will be established. Wenzhou’s enterprises are supported to attract locally-born talents settling outside of the city to contribute their ability and wisdom to their hometown. It is expected that every year, there will be 100 high-quality locally-born talents bringing projects, technology, and related teams to Wenzhou.

According to the document, Wenzhou intends to take measures to attract elites and investors to the city, such as lifting restrictions on settlement in the city, and providing housing and quality educational resources. For example, low-priced houses with limited property rights located in the city’s urban areas will be provided to eligible overseas Chinese, Wenzhouese businessmen, members of non-local chambers of commerce in Wenzhou, headquarters base, etc. as investors in Wenzhou;   to attract more people’s settlement in the city, local municipal government will provide public rental houses, including second-hand houses bought by governments and affordable houses under 60 M2, or housing subsidies. Among others, front-line workers in public service industries, such as public transport, environmental sanitation and housekeeping, will be eligible to rent this kind of houses.

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