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Wenzhou’s 3 Top Hospitals Affiliated to Shanghai University
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Wenzhou is quickening its involvement of its medical and health undertakings into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. According to the Wenzhou Health Committee, Wenzhou Central Hospital (WCH, former Wenzhou No. 2Hospital ), Wenzhou People's Hospital (WPH, former Wenzhou No. 3 Hospital ), and Wenzhou Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (WHITW) have been affiliated to Shanghai University. The affiliation is the first iconic projects of cooperation between Wenzhou municipal medical institutions and Shanghai’s universities.

According to the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between the Wenzhou Municipal People's Government and Shanghai University, at the affiliated hospital name plaque awarding ceremony held by Shanghai University, WCH, WPH and WHITW were announced respectively as Shanghai University’s Second and Third Affiliated Hospitals, and Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine .

As a famous institution of higher education (IHE) in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai University ranks among the China’s advanced IHEs in scientific research capabilities and level. Shanghai University’s disciplines cover science, engineering, economic management, humanities and social sciences, etc. The establishment of medical college is a significant part in its building a first-class discipline system.   In 2019, Shanghai University Medical College (SUMC), featuring international cooperation, the professionals training through integration of basic theories and clinical treatment, began to cooperate with the University of Western Australia, top one in the country, to promote the integration of fundamental research, diagnosis and treatment as well as health care so as to build SUMC into a first-class international research and translational medicine one. Based on Shanghai University’s superior disciplines, the Medical College focuses on the three fields of geriatric medicine, medical engineering and public health through international cooperation, the integration of medicine and industry, the convergence of arts and sciences, and dislocation development, aiming to foster leading interdisciplinary professionals with sci-tech knowledge in the above fields (including clinical medicine) , and to build the College into a novel one offering guarantee for healthy aging and public health.

After being affiliated to Shanghai University, the three top municipal hospitals in Wenzhou will enjoy its talent and scientific research policies. Relying on its superior disciplines and in the above-mentioned fields, the three affiliated hospitals will conduct close cooperation with Shanghai University in the construction of key clinical specialties, personnel training, new technology research, joint project application, sharing of scientific research facilities, lab construction and sci-tech achievements transformation.

Meanwhile, by introducing high-quality medical resources from Shanghai to Wenzhou with the help of the metropolitan medical federations, the three hospitals will strive to make more breakthroughs in the cutting-edge technology for disease diagnosis and treatment so as to upgrade themselves to world class in an all-round way, and to provide better medical and health services for Wenzhou citizens.

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