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Wenzhou Maps Out 5+2 Cloud Computing Centers
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To create new competitive strengths in the digital economy in accordance with regional characteristic industry, Wenzhou will accelerate the development of new-generation information networks and establish regional cloud computing centers(“5+2”), which have distributed from Binhai and Economic Development District as two core centers to Yueqing, Rui’an, Cangnan, Pingyang, and Yongjia as sub-centers, upgrading industries economy in all respects.

Last year, Wenzhou intensified the strategy of great integration of digitization, promoting the industrial internet, industrial technology software, digital workshop, zero-labor factory and smart manufacturing as working carriers and demo centers as an important link to further integrated development of manufacturing and internet. Meanwhile, new cloud service system has been established together with industries cloud, park cloud, special feature cloud, boosting transformation from resource cloud to Apps cloud. In the first Quarter of 2020, the digital economy core service of the whole city achieved operating income of 4.74 billion yuan, with a 0.6% increase year-on-year, growth rate more than 12.5 percent compared with above-scale service industry, occupying 38.5% of above-scale service industry with an increase of 4.7%. Despite shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital economy keeps moderately prosperous growth due to its unique advantage and competitive strengths.

In the distribution of “5+2”Cloud Computing Center, Wenzhou exerts the function of Industrial agglomeration and incubation of large industry platform, upgrading the traditional electronic information manufacturing industry, improving traditional industrial bases including Lucheng Information Service, Yueqing Electronic Components, Rui’an Automobile Electronic Industry, Cangnan Instruments and Apparatus and others, and accelerating the development of new industrial clusters such as Yueqing Internet of Things, Beidou Satellite Navigation and 5G in Longwan District (Wenzhou Zhenan Technology City), Ouhai Intelligent Hardware, Computer Machine in Zhenan Industrial Agglomeration Area, Pingyang Intelligent Packaging Machinery and others.

At the same time, Wenzhou will accelerate the roles of Wenzhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Research Institute, World Young Scientists Innovation Park to organize and launch Industrial cooperation based on digital economy this year and launch a new batch of innovation platforms including IMECAS, XDU and Kesi Research Institute. Wenzhou will enhance industrial innovation capacity and actively advance the constructions of Yueqing IOT Sensor Industry Innovation Service Complex, Wenzhou High-tech Zone Digital Economy (IOT Application) Industrial Innovation Service Complex and Ouhai Software and Information Technology Industry Innovation Service Complex and cultivate 500 new technological digital economy micro and medium-sized enterprises and 80 new high-tech enterprises.

Cloud services need powerful infrastructure. It is learned that Phase I of Rock Cloud Data Center and Wenzhou Unicom Data Center will be put into production in March this year. Mobile Zhenan Cloud Computing Center will have been in operation by the end of this year and the constructions of State Grid Wencheng Cloud Computing Center and phase II of Rock Cloud Data Center will initiate. Ten thousand 5G base stations and ten thousand cloud enterprises will be built in this year. 4,500 5G base stations and 4,000 cloud enterprises were built respectively in the first half of this year, among which 5 provincial and municipal industrial Internet platforms were newly added.

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