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Wenzhou’s Four Future Community Construction Projects Approved
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The rosy scenarios of local future communities will emerge sooner. The plan for building Wenzhou’s four future communities, i.e. Jixin Community in Lucheng District , Fuchun Community in Longwan District, Nanhu Community in Ouhai District and Yalin Community in Yongjia County, has been approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission. According to the plan, the communities are expected to start all-round construction next month.

Since last year, the future community construction in Zhejiang Province has been launched and vigorously promoted. The city’s four communities are included in the first batch of provincial pilot future communities, ranking second in number in the province.

The future community will be human-centered, focusing on ecologicalization and digitalization. Through creating nine future scenarios of neighborhood, education, health, entrepreneurship, architecture, transport, energy, property management and governance, future communities will become novel urban functional units giving a sense of belonging, comfort and future, which will be people’s glamorous and cosy homes.

Construction of Jixin Community to Focus on Creating the Scenarios of Entrepreneurship, Health and Education

The Jixin Community will be located at the junction of the central and western parts of the main urban area. The planned land plot of the unit, with a total area of about 67.7 hectares, extends to Lucheng Road in the north, to Guanghuaqiao Road in the East, to Shuangnanxian Road in the South, and to Dongou Avenue in the West. In the launched area, the implementation unit covers an area of about 24 hectares, which reaches Lucheng Road in the north, Business City Ring Road in the East, Business City South Road in the South, and Cuiwei Avenue in the West.

To build the Jixin Community, an intensified design has been made mainly for the entrepreneurial and architectural scenarios according to the positioning requirements of the launched part in the central area of the western Wenzhou, the regional characteristics of the plot, and the historical context of Wenzhouese merchants. Meanwhile, by making use of the unique natural resources, the Community is to be constructed in consideration of the future communities’ development trend of "Small Blocks, Dense Road Network", and through introducing nine future community scenarios and reconstructing neighborhood relationship so as to build the Community into the city’s sub-center with an intensive and reasonable spatial layout, friendly personal relationship and iterative application of smart technology.

The Jixin Community construction will focus on creating three future scenarios of entrepreneurship, health and education. In education, it is planned to establish a junior middle school, a primary school and a kindergarten. At the same time, a gym, which will own a standard 400-meter runway and be able to accommodate 2000 people, will be built to create a high standard education scenario.

The nine scenarios are designed to be dispersed on the land plot along Lucheng Road, which is conducive to easier recognizing the future community public center along Lucheng Road, to enhancing the city image and to creating ample activity spaces for blocks, and on the other side, to forming a quiet, safe and efficiently-governed residential groups on the north side of the plot.

Construction of Yalin Community to Focus on Creating the Scenarios of Smart Transport and Low Carbon

The Yalin Community will be located at the planned New City (in Huangtian Sub-district of Yongjia County ) with the Wenzhou North Railway Station (to be built ) as the core. The planned unit covers an area of 103.8 hectares, with its four boundaries of Zhanbei Avenue - Jinchi South Road in the north, Jintian Road in the west, Jinlin Road in the south and Huanjiang Road in the east. The implementation unit covers an area of 20.19 hectares, which extends to Jingong East Road in the north, Jinshui Road in the west, Jinlin Road in the south and Huanjiang road in the east. The construction will focus on the scenarios of smart transportation, low carbon and other featured ones.

The guideline of developing the community: Firstly, to optimize the transfer between all kinds of public traffic means, and the connection between road transport and rail transport; secondly, taking advantages of building the North Railway Station as a comprehensive transport hub, to construct the business service centers, such as the Business Center in front of the station and the “Xingdou Bay Vitality Star”; thirdly, to improve public transport services and build public service facilities at a high starting point, and to explore the supply mode of public service facilities combined with traffic command; fourthly, by making use of the advantages of transport and regional supporting facilities, to explore the dynamics and spaces of regional mass entrepreneurship and Innovation so as to attract high-end talents to settle in the community through its high quality.

The functional layout of the community is carried out by building one future community exhibition hall (smart traffic control center), and one vibrant community culture belt; two axially-extending zones for urban citizens’ leisure and daily life supporting facilities, and two city image showcase regions: the innovation zone at the New City around the Wenzhou North Railway Station and the city leisure balconies along the Nanxijiang River; one TOD-guided mass entrepreneurship and innovation zones, one comprehensive neighbourhood center, and one residential district with intense cultural atmosphere.

Construction of Hanhu Community to Highlight its Vitality in Industry-University-Research integration

The future Nanhu Community will be located at the southern end of the existing Nanhu Community, Ouhai District. There lie urban new pattern industries, such as Sci-tech Innovation Town, Healthcare Town, Kean Town, Higher Education Park in the peripheral portions of the existing Nanhu. The implementation unit covers an area of 25 hectares. The future Nanhu Community will cover a total area of 631,900 m2, with 436,900 m2 above the ground, in which residential buildings will account for 379,000 m2, business purpose buildings 37,000 m2, and public buildings 20,900 m2 .     Driven by the integration of industry, education and research, the future community will be built into an aggregation area of Wenzhou’s high-tech enterprises, which serves as the core district of Wenzhou's industrial transformation. This future community, adjacent to the University Town, National University Science Park and Wenzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, will focus its construction on entrepreneurial scenario, especially mass entrepreneurship and innovation, including building design for talents, and will highlight its vitality to attract youth. Meanwhile, the community will also highlight the future architecture, neighbourhood, and governance scenarios. Therefore, in its construction, the Tanghe River cultural landscape will be improved, and stress will be laid on the neighbourhood center design, the establishment of friendly neighbourhood relationship, and the upgrading of harmonious society construction and its governance.

The future community will provide improved supporting facilities for healthcare, medical treatment, leisure and entertainment to meet the living needs of the elderly, and provide convenient transport, mainly landscape trails with corridors, overpasses and underpasses built to connect the business center and the residential areas, forming a disconnected non-motorized traffic system within the unit so that all functional areas can be reached safely and conveniently. In addition, TOD bus stops within the community are also seamlessly connected with the non-motorized traffic system.

Fuchun Community to be built into a Model of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation by City-industry Integration Reform

The Fuchun Community is planned to cover a total area of 185 hectares, which will reach West Kuocang Road in the north, Shangjiang Road in the west, Gaoer Road in the south and the Yutianhe River in the East. The implementation unit covers a total area of about 22.79 hectares, which extends to Wenzhou Avenue in the south, to West Kuocang Road in the north, to the Shangjiang River in the East, and to South Aojiang Road in the west with West Yandang Road and Pujiang Road passing through the Community.

With persistent exploration into the future community development mode with the characteristics of south Zhejiang, the Fuchun Community will be built into a model of mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the city’s downtown through the reform of city-industry integration. Specifically, the Fuchun will be built into a "Rail plus bus" TOD community to realize the seamless connection between public facilities and bus stops or rail transit stations, a livable and fit-for-employment community where mass entrepreneurship and innovation are encouraged to create an unbounded space for work and life, an ecological community with 3D-greening and non-motorized traffic to enable the green environment to benefit people’ health, a vibrant fashion creation and smart community to integrate creation with digitalization, and a quality community with small blocks and optimized supporting facilities to offer citizens with timely and efficient services.

The functional layout of the community is carried out by establishing  two cores of comprehensive services and neighborhood services; four residential and creation spaces---resettlement residential districts (including talent apartments), commercial residential districts, residential districts under construction and public service + intelligent creation+ maker spaces; community neighbourhood service institutions distributed along two axes; two belts---greening belt and future architectural image display belt.

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