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Wenzhou to Build a City Featuring IOT Application
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With the development and application of Internet of things (IOT) technology, the way of production and life is becoming more and more convenient, intelligent and safe. The introduction of IOT in the field of agriculture makes it possible to trace the quality and safety of agricultural products; the introduction of the IOT in future community realizes the intelligent management of security, fire alarm, emergency alarm and so on; and the introduction of IOT in the intelligent transportation paves way for such applications as traffic flow monitoring and parking intelligent guidance.

On April 28, Wenzhou City issued the “Three-year Action Plan for the Innovation and Development of the Internet of Things Industry (2020-2022)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”). Through the breakthrough of key technologies and the expansion of key industries, Wenzhou will form a relatively complete industry system of IOT in 2022, which will create an expected output value of 50 billion yuan. At that time, Wenzhou will rank top nationwide in terms of the innovation ability and application level of IOT industry, becoming a national leading city featuring IOT application.

Scientific Layout Featuring a Series of IOT Industrial Clusters

According to the “Action Plan”, Wenzhou will shape a “one core, one corridor and many dots” IOT industrial map, with Yueqing being the core, the IOT innovation resources of the Daluo Mountain Belt Sci-tech Innovation Corridor being the back, and places like Ruian, Yongjia, Pingyang and Cangnan being the support.

Core technologies have always been the solid foundation for the innovation and development of the IOT industry. Equipped with IOT innovation resources of the Daluo Mountain Belt Sci-tech Innovation Corridor from leading enterprises, colleges and universities, and industry associations, Wenzhou will encourage such innovation platforms as Wenzhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University to accelerate the research and development of sensors, RFID, embedded systems and intelligent terminals, and to carry out application research in promoting the development of industry and city. Meanwhile, Wenzhou will strive for breakthrough in manufacturing and application technology of high-power electric electronic devices, research on low-power processor technology and integrated circuit design technology for IOT applications, and carry out R&D of intelligent sensor technology.

As is envisioned in the “Action Plan”, by 2022, Wenzhou will have more than 20 newly-added enterprise technology (R&D, innovation) centers and innovation complexes at or above the provincial level.

Introducing and Cultivating a Number of IOT Industrial Projects

Wenzhou will continue to attract and cultivate IOT industrial projects. On the one hand, through the establishment of system diagram and investment map, and key enterprises and project database of IOT industry, Wenzhou will introduce an array of guiding projects which perfect the industrial chain.

On the other hand, Wenzhou will seize the opportunity of Hangzhou-Wenzhou digital economy comprehensive strategic cooperation to strengthen cooperation with Alibaba, Hikvision and other leading enterprises, and develop industries of digital security, intelligent instruments and home furnishings. While taking advantage of the IOT industry resources in Shenzhen, Wuxi, etc., it will cooperate more closely with leading enterprises in those cities such as Huawei. By 2022, more than 10 major IOT industrial projects are expected to have been introduced. Efforts will also be made to facilitate the operation of key projects such as HM Digital Economy Innovation Center, Beidou Industrial Base Project, and CITIC Alicloud (Wenzhou) Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park.

At the same time, Wenzhou will focus on the cultivation of IOT enterprises at different levels, and expand the scale of enterprises by upgrading small enterprises to enterprises above designated size, conducting shares reforms and mergers, and getting companies quoted or listed etc. Key enterprises such as CHINT Group will be encouraged to integrate upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, and foster a group of IOT sensor components and integrated product manufacturing companies.

Implementing a Stock of IOT Demonstration Applications for Demand Traction

The development of the IOT industry, either by breaking through key technologies or by enlarging and empowering key industries, aims to better apply IOT to production and life to make them better. Oriented at market demand, Wenzhou will implement 10 IOT application demonstration projects in key areas, which include the application of industrial IOT, promoting the application of IOT technology in such traditional manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou as electric companies, pump and valve companies, guiding enterprises to realize digital, networked and intelligent development in the product end, production and manufacturing end and management service end, and implementing smart logistics application, future community application, smart health application, etc.

Besides, Wenzhou will speed up the operation of the National (Wenzhou) Logistics Integrated Information Service Platform, and guide enterprises of manufacturing, e-commerce, logistics etc. to link up with Wenzhou Logistics Information Port for an “Internet+ Efficient Logistics” ecosystem. Priority will be given to the construction of Yunda Express e-commerce headquarter base in southern Zhejiang, JD intelligent supply chain and other project to accelerate the application of IOT technologies such as electronic labels, automatic identification and sorting, and visual services in the logistics industry.

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