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Wenzhou Homes 3 Provincial Forest Wellness Bases
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Recently, the List of Zhejiang Forest Wellness Bases for 2019 was jointly released by Department of Forestry of Zhejiang Province, Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province, Health Commission of Zhejiang Province and Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Zhejiang Province. 18 organizations including Changle Forestry Farm in Yuhang District, Hangzhou are on the list, among which three are from Wenzhou.

As a key construction project of forest wellness industry, Zhejiang Forest Wellness Bases abide by strict environmental specifications: no less than 70% of forest coverage; no less than 90% of days with good air quality; an average concentration of at least 2000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter in core areas; the acoustic environment being above class-1; and the surface water quality being above class-2. Also, such aspects as reception facilities, health-care services and social economy function need to be qualified. Among the 18 bases selected by the four provincial authorities, the 3 ones in Wenzhou are Houwanggu Forest Wellness Base and Yunding Villa Forest Wellness Base in Wencheng County, and Wuyanling Forest Wellness Base in Taishun County.

The construction of forest wellness bases play a pivotal role in promoting the development of forest wellness industry. According to the Development Planning of Forest Wellness Industry in Zhejiang Province (2019-2025) jointly issued by the above-mentioned four provincial authorities, it is expected that there will be 100 qualified forest wellness bases in Zhejiang by 2022 and 200 by 2025.

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