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Chrysenthemum Field in Rui’an Becomes a Hit on Internet
Date:2020-11-17 15:12:52 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

These days, the golden silk royal chrysanthemums have burst into full bloom in the 4.67 hectares of field along a 4.2 km-long section along the Ma’ao River in Xuao Village, Caocun Town, Rui’an City (at county-level), making the area an Internet-famous site. Quite a few of citizens have come here to enjoy the large patches of the bright yellow flowers, take pictures and buy much chrysanthemum tea.

It might be out of your expectation that the plot of field by the Ma’ao River has once been a piece of abandoned muddy land, said Zheng Xiaoming, Secretary of the CPC Xuao Village Committee. A great deal of mud, left from the harness of the Tianjingyang River, has once been piled up on both banks of the River. Villages have once tried to plant crops on the field but they grew poor as the mud had inadequate nutritional components and poor air permeability. Early this year, the muddy land was transferred by Caocun Town to Rui’an City Caowang Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.(CATDC), which transformed the land and planted traditional Chinese and herbal medicine in it.

“We invested RMB 800,000 in the improvement of the land, in which we planted the chrysanthemum in May this year,”said the person in charge of the company. After half a year of careful management, the flowers bloomed in succession in the improved land (Phase I).

Now, the muddy land has become chrysanthemum “gardens”, which have not only beatified the environment but also provided a source for villagers to get rich. When visiting the chrysanthemum field, the reporter saw over 30 villagers were busy picking flowers there. “Working in the ‘gardens’, I am in a good environment and in a good mood,”said villager Zheng Fengzhu happily, who has been able to earn RMB 100-200 each day since she came to work in the field. But she had been idle at home getting no money before the land was transformed.

“Planting golden silk royal chrysanthemums can increase our income besides offering an attractive scenic spot for tourists”. Mr. Chi Shaoping said that it is estimated that each mu of the improved land can yield 750kg of chrysanthemums, which are valued at about RMB 20,000. In order to expand and strengthen the chrysanthemum industry, CATDC also invested in building a chrysanthemum drying and packaging factory. At the drying workshop, two machines are put in operation, the golden silk royal chrysanthemums are processed and packaged one batch after another. Next, the company will be planting 8.76 hectares of chrysanthemums of the same kind.

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