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Outpatient Service Innovated at First Affiliated Hospital of WMU
Date:2020-11-12 07:36:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University has applied the QR Code for Medical Service (QCMG) for two months, considerably facilitating patients’ medical treatment. By scanning a large QR code posted on one side of the wall of the waiting hall with a mobile phone, patients can make appointments to see a doctor and obtain information on medical treatment with no need of taking time to queue up at the outpatient service stations to do the same as before.

With the upgrading of Internet plus medical health service, QR code is much functional. As you scan the QCMS on the wall, an "information on outpatient smart service" platform will appear on your mobile phone screen. After putting in your health information during the epidemic period, a window will pop up, where you can obtain information on current outpatient treatment progress, and make an appointment to see a doctor in the shortest time. If the appointment is successful, putting in your symptoms and then clicking “confirmation” , you can learn the clinical reception location and your queueing number, and a message saying “You have signed in and can see the doctor after X (number) patients’ treatment is completed” will be shown on the platform.

"If a patient makes multiple outpatient appointments at the same time, he or she can choose treatment at a clinic room with fewer patents waiting before you," said Xia Jinglin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the hospital. “The smart QCMS is newly and independently developed by the hospital, which has sped up the medical treatment process during the epidemic period. The code serves as a patient’s private medical service guider, with which he or she can learn doctors’ real-time clinical reception situations,” added Xia.

“By using the QCMS, without signing in and consulting at a medical service station, I can know how many patients are waiting before me, which makes me much easier to see a doctor, " said Wu Jing, a return visitor. Mr. Chen in his 60s said that only by scanning the QCMS, can he know what to do before seeing a doctor, which is made really easier.

To reduce contact between persons at the hospital so as to meet the requirements for the normalized epidemic prevention and control, the boxes of “payment for medical expenses”, “doctors’ treatment” and “doctors’ advice on taking medicine” are included on the page opened by scanning the QCMS. After seeing a doctor, a patient can quickly complete online payment by clicking the payment box and conformation button.

At present, 24 departments of the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University have adopted the QCMS, which has been used for 26,000 person times since it was launched two months ago.

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