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Wenzhou’s 3 Intangible Cultural Heritage Items Show at CIIE
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On November 6th, the second day of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), intangible cultural heritages from Wenzhou gathered at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Area of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) to showcase the most authentic Ou culture and crafts. Marionettes from Taishun County, boxwood woodcarving from Yueqing County-level City, movable type printing from Rui’an County-level City, to name but a few.

Upon entering the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Area in Hall NO. 4, visitors will first meet the marionettes from Taishun. Performance staged by Taishun County Sanyi Puppet Troupe has attracted many audiences. On the morning, marionettes danced in various poses with the music for three shows on end, leaving deep impression on the audience. According to Cai Lijing, third-generation inheritor of the marionette craft, the troupe has meticulously arranged 8 programs after receiving the invitation from Zhejiang Provincial Arts and Crafts Association. “Through the big stage of the CIIE, we want to bring this art and craft to the world.” said Ms. Cai.

Walking north, visitors will encounter Yu Jinshun, inheritor of boxwood woodcarving from Yueqing City and master of Chinese arts and crafts, who is passionately introducing boxwood woodcarving skills to the audience. The 10 pieces of work he brought this time are the “Chinese Dream” series that cost him 7 years, covering such themes of the times as “Beautiful Countryside”, “Five Water Treatment”, and “Harvest Joy”. “To keep the vigorous vitality of intangible cultural heritage techniques requires constant communication with the outside world,” said Mr. Yu smilingly, “This is my first time to participate in the CIIE. It doesn’t matter whether the audience buys my products or not. What matters is to show the beauty of life and art of boxwood carving to the outside world so that it can enjoy a larger stage.”

Opposite the boxwood carving booth, Wang Fawan from Rui’an City brought to the audience the movable type printing. “Movable type printing has its vitality because it is very different from current computer printing,” introduced Mr. Wang. Using movable type printing, the special rice paper will not dissolve when exposed to water, and the printed fonts will remain clearly visible. “By now, we have opened a number of movable type printing research and study bases in Cangnan. We hope that through the CIIE, more people will come to know this ancient technique.”

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