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Wenzhou’s Traffic Health Index Ranks Top 5 Nationwide in Q2
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An Official from Wenzhou Congestion Alleviation Office, Wenzhou Transportation Bureau, said that easing traffic jams is indispensable with the support of traffic management departments of the Public Security. At present, the number of motor vehicles in Wenzhou exceeds 2.6 million, posing an enormous burden on relieving traffic congestion. Under such a severe test, traffic management departments present desirable achievements: according to the third-party evaluation released by Amap in 2020, among the 35 cities with high car ownership, Wenzhou ranked fifth nationwide in the second quarter in terms of traffic health index; in spite of the simultaneous construction of several roads last year, the congestion instances in Wenzhou fell by 15.78% year on year.

In the past, traffic management relied on physical strength and manpower, but now it is big data and technology that makes a difference. More than 60,000 road videos, 300 high-level monitors and 10 sets of AR eagle eye monitors covering all main roads and key areas in Wenzhou have become guards to ensure road smoothness and safety at all times. Every day, there are hundreds of road traffic accidents in Wenzhou, more than 90% of which are detected in the first time and handled proactively by traffic management departments, greatly reducing traffic jams caused by accidental vehicles.

Taking Ouhai Avenue as an example, traffic management departments have established an elevated model of motorcycle police on duty which integrates “video surveillance, network computing, and motorcycle police”. With the increase of traffic on Ouhai Avenue, the congestion instances, however, have been declining due to the model. In September of this year, a Ms. Chen was rear-ended on Ouhai Avenue. Traffic staff identified the traffic accident immediately through video surveillance, and ordered and dispatched motorcycle police to quickly deal with it. Within 5 minutes, the accident vehicle was evacuated from the scene.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to further enhance the efficiency of traffic, the traffic management departments have set up a professional team composed of 12 technicians to be in charge of the scientific setting of traffic lights in downtown Wenzhou so that vehicles would meet “green light” all the way. At present, the coordinated control of two-way green waves, tidal green waves and night green waves have come into effect at 231 intersections of 39 main roads lasting 95 kilometers in downtown Wenzhou, decreasing the average travel time by 24.92% and the stop times by 56.16% during off-peak hours.

In addition, in order to enhance traffic law compliance, to prevent and reduce road traffic accidents to the greatest extent possible, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and to ensure smooth roads, Wenzhou has investigated and dealt with 8,903 drunk driving cases from January to September this year, including 2,321 cases in the urban areas.

Last year, at most more than a hundred roads in Wenzhou were under construction at the same time, leaving on many citizens the impression that Wenzhou was “repairing roads everywhere”. For the sake of smooth traffic, traffic management departments have formulated in advance road traffic management plans that involve alleviating congestion, and have completed projects for optimizing and adjusting transportation such as the closed construction of Huiqiao Bridge & Puqiao Bridge, the comprehensive improvement project of Binhai Avenue, Yangyi New Street and Guojing Road, the first phase of Wenrui Avenue, the construction of Oujiang Road and Xueyuan East Road, as well as of the underground passage of European City. In addition, the traffic management departments are gradually advancing the administration of back streets and alleys other than the main roads. At present, more than 90 blocks and residential areas in Wenzhou have traffic microcirculation, among which Jinhua Community and Baxianlou Community have been used as demos to introduce experience in the province.

Checks and punishment on the motorists who do not give way to pedestrians are also a constant job carried out by traffic management departments. As early as 2007, Wenzhou led the country to erect the sign of giving way to pedestrians at zebra crossings. By August this year, the compliance rate of motorists in Wenzhou’s urban area had reached 98.81%.

However, while it became commonplace for motorists to give way to pedestrians at zebra crossings, more and more phubbers walked slowly through the zebra crossings. In this context, traffic control departments in Wenzhou issued the first violation ticket nationwide to a phubber in early 2019 thanks to the implementation of the Regulations to Promote Civilized Behaviors in Wenzhou (hereinafter referred to as Regulations).

In addition to specific provisions for motorists to give way to pedestrians when passing a zebra crossing, The Regulations also enshrines a warning or a fine of 10 yuan on “pedestrians having their heads buried in their mobile phones or playing when passing intersections or crossing roads etc. that affect other vehicles or pedestrians” . As the first city in the country to impose legal restrictions on phubbers crossing the road, Wenzhou has achieved good results in this respect so far.

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