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The 2nd Phase Project of Wenzhou Sixth People's Hospital Kicks off
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On the morning of September 28, the 2nd phase project of Nanbaixiang Campus of Wenzhou Central Hospital (Wenzhou Sixth People's Hospital) officially kicked off. It is learned that after the completion of the project, the Hospital, with 500 hospital beds, not only serves as a medical center, but also plays a better role in dealing with public health emergency. The service scope of the Hospital will cover south Zhejiang Province and north Fujian Province.

Wenzhou Sixth People's Hospital is the only hospital featuring prominently in infectious disease department in Wenzhou. The first phase of the Hospital has 200 hospital beds, was completed and put into use on October 16, 2014. The Hospital currently possesses 6 first-level departments, and the infectious disease department is at the municipal-level key department. The number of AIDS and tuberculosis patients treated in the Hospital ranks second in Zhejiang Province, and the number of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients tops in Zhejiang Province. In 2019, the tuberculosis department was ranked in the top 100 of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in terms of STEM value, and it was among the best China’s municipal infectious disease hospitals. At the same time, the Hospital is also the largest medical unit for the treatment of infectious diseases in southern Zhejiang Province. It undertakes most of Wenzhou's infectious diseases treatment, teaching, research, preventive health care and other tasks, and provides treatment and infectious disease prevention and control for Wenzhou infectious patients, and its services cover southern Zhejiang Province and northern Fujian Province.

As a designated hospital for the treatment of infectious diseases and emergent infectious diseases in Wenzhou, the Hospital has trained an emergency team in previous battles against infectious diseases and this team played an indispensable role in maintaining public health safety. On January 17, the Hospital, as the designated hospital for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Wenzhou, received and cured the first case of coronavirus patient in Zhejiang Province. During the pandemic, with the joint effort of all the medical staff, 159 patients have all been cured and no medical staff have been infected.

But it is undeniable that the current scale of the hospital is far from the needs for infectious disease and emergent epidemics prevention and control.

It is learned that the launch of this expansion and reconstruction project is for the improvement of the capacity for infectious disease treatment and disease control organization. The Hospital will learn from other cities’ practices on improving infectious disease prevention and control institutions, plan ahead with construction ideas, rationally distribute and perfect hardware facilities. In this phase of the project, a medical building, an independent emergency building, an administrative logistics building 300 new hospital beds will be built. The project will cover a total construction area of about 32,700 square meters, and a land area of about 22,235 square meters. It has been included in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the construction of major projects in Wenzhou, and has been added to the list of tasks for "Building a Beaut in 2018"

It is estimated that in next 4 years, the Hospital will build independent emergency buildings, outpatient clinics, inpatient buildings, quarantine and rehabilitation buildings, administrative logistics buildings, etc.,. The service will cover south Zhejiang Province and north Fujian Province. By then, the Hospital will employ the development model of enhancing department and comprehensive treatment, thereby building a platform for the development of department and the improvement of the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment capabilities of medical staff. Moreover, the Hospital will strengthen the centralized treatment of conventional infectious diseases, new and emergent infectious diseases so as to better respond to public health events such as emergent infectious diseases in Wenzhou.

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