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Happy Rail Shortens Distance in Wenzhou
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Warm service everywhere, an icon of Wenzhou Line S1.

At 6:25 a.m. at Shuangou Avenue Station of Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S1, a city-wide EMU drove out on time. As an important mode of transportation throughout Wenzhou City, Line S1 has been constantly narrowing the distance between the east and the west corners of the city.

Since Zhejiang Rail Group Happy Rail Company officially took over the operation on December 31, 2019, Line S1 has safely and swiftly transported 3.89 million passengers in total, and is becoming an important choice for more and more local people to commute.

Fine operation to shorten urban distance

Since the approval of the project, Wenzhou Line S1 has been granted with the honors of pioneers and demos in many aspects, national strategic emerging industry demonstration project, the demonstration project of provincial and ministerial collaborative promotion of municipal (suburban) railway, the project of first municipal (suburban) railway pilots in China, the first operating line of Zhejiang Rail Group, to name a few.

Since taking over Line S1, Zhejiang Rail Group, with well-known enterprises at home and abroad as benchmarks, has increased investment in new technology, new equipment and new means. Its sophisticated management has brought about brilliant results: its reliability of passenger service facilities and equipment has reached over 99.8%, its punctuality rate has reached 99.9%, and its realization rate of the train diagram has reached 100%.

“In the past, I had to spend at least two hours driving from the airport to the high-speed railway station because there was unpredictability like traffic jams and road construction,” said a frequent passenger in Wenzhou, “but with Line S1, I can make my time more efficient. I can get on the train of Line S1 during the break of watching a few tiktok videos and catch the train or the plane against the clock.”

Start the journey with the best service

Walking into the Line S1 stations, passengers will feel the warmth everywhere. Staff may tell you that there are wheelchair accessible restrooms in all stations of Line S1 which are equipped with automatic paper vending machines and nursing tables, and a baby care room at Dezheng Station. They may also inform you of the travel route. For example, if you want to take the high-speed railway, they will tell you to get onto the EMU train at any station of Line S1 and exit at Wenzhou South Railway Station, and you can arrive at your destination through the municipal channel.

Not long ago, a wheelchair passenger wanted to take Line S1 at the Airport Station when the vertical ladder in the station hall happened to be under maintenance. To solve his trouble, Yang Jinzuo, the station agent on duty, and other staff brought a stretcher, helped the passenger onto it and delivered him to the platform. When the passenger had left, Yang immediately returned to the train control room and informed the staff of the South Railway Station of the whereabouts of the passenger, so that the passenger could obtain immediate help at the South Railway Station.

Zhejiang Rail Group also took the initiative to contact with the relevant units, discussed the establishment of joint service mechanism, and tried to create a “one-stop” service system docking with the airport and high-speed rail. Given the characteristics of long-distance travel of passengers, it has also launched the reservation service to provide passengers with travel assistance, luggage handling, ticket buying guidance and other featured services. So far, Line S1 has received more than 510 times of praise through calls, letters and so on. In March this year, it participated in the activity of “Double Evaluation by 10000 People” in Wenzhou for the first time and got full marks.

Safe travel to bring passengers closer

In the spirit that “Rail transit is related to the safety of people’s livelihood”, Zhejiang Rail Group has prepared 40 emergency plans for Wenzhou Line S1, established 8 emergency rescue teams with a total of 278 members, and stored 9,894 sets of emergency materials and equipment in 7 categories. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has been sterilizing the public areas regularly and requiring passengers to show health code, check the temperature and wear masks at the entrance and exit, and has strictly implemented various epidemic prevention policies.

In order to better the travel experience of Line S1 and push the service quality to a higher level through the external supervision of the public, Zhejiang Rail Group has officially set up the citizens supervising group of “woodpeckers” action. After careful selection, 20 "track woodpeckers" from communities around S1, from all walks of life and of all ages, have officially taken up their posts with certificates.

By taking Line S1 train, visiting the model stations, exploring the control center, and looking for the vehicle base, “track woodpeckers” identify and report problems from the perspective of passengers, thus continuously helping improve the service of Line S1.

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