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Key Construction Projects Commence in Longgang
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The commencement ceremony of Longgang ten landmark key projects as well as the 2nd batch of key construction projects for 2020 was held on September 26th. Altogether 39 construction projects this time, concerning infrastructure, people's livelihood, public service and industry cultivation, will be completed in the next five years, making Longgang a central city in the South metropolis of Wenzhou.

The ten landmark key projects include the public service of Longhu Comprehensive Development District, Longgang People’s Hospital, Longgang Political and Law Service Center, Hall of Typegraphy Town, nursing and rehabilitation center of New City, vocational college, Longgang Comprehensive Material Disposal Center, projects for stagnant water drainage of New City, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Park, and Longgang Government Affairs Hall.

The projects commenced this time are characterized, first of all, by their large investment, which is over 26.5 billion yuan, including the 10 key projects mentioned above. Among them, the total investment of Longhu Comprehensive Development District is 6.6 billion yuan, which provides all kinds of facilities with business and leisure functions like Conference Center, Business Service Center, Convergence Media Center, Library, and Archives Center. Upon completion, it will strengthen points of weakness in meeting public service needs for the people in Longgang and Aojiang area to promote vital infrastructure progress and attract people gather in Longgang.

More than 70% projects and over two-thirds of investment funds focus on livelihood projects. For example, urban village renovation of E08-07 land called Shuanggui Longjin, located on the North of century road, accommodates more than three hundred households, living in high-rise and super high-rise buildings. The residential land of New City XC-6-23, covering more than one hundred mu (about 6.67hectares), is built as living demonstration community by integrating with surrounding facilities like Business Center, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou High-speed Double Line (Zhejiang Coastal Highway) and National Highway 228.

In addition, the Longgang People's Hospital will build a comprehensive building, epidemic prevention building, maternity and child care centers, public health building and other buildings, which will be based on the standard of “AAA” hospital. The city will also renovate and upgrade 20 primary schools, including Longgang Third Primary School and Longgang Thirteenth Primary School and Rainbow Kindergarten will be built at the intersection of Rainbow Avenue and Century Avenue, with 18 full-time classes, 6 nursery classes and pre-school education research centers, which accommodate more than 700 children. The vocational college will be eastblished in Longhu District to cultivate skilled talents for industrial development.

Gathering printing and packaging as the leading industry, Longgang will take advantage of this starting project to enhance economic competitiveness. For example, the industrial park of printing machinery and equipment will attract small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry to build a front-end industry and cultivate advanced manufacturing enterprises and build a whole printing and packaging industry chain. New medical and health materials and production line construction project with an annual output of 80,000 tons will take medical and health non-woven fabrics and other new materials as the direction to promote the upstream and downstream extension of the industrial chain. Multi-layer co-extruded poly film new material development and production project with an annual output of 5000 tons will promote the production of flexible packaging composite materials to save energy and reduce costs, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

The improvement of urban public facilities and services is another feature of these projects. New City drainage and storage project will build Longhu, riverside and lakeside landscape projects, and create ecological wetlands with multiple functions such as ecological protection, flood control and water storage, leisure and tourism. The key drainage project of the Jiangnanyang Plain will improve the regional disaster reduction system and enhance the drainage capacity of the plain. New City municipal road project will start to build New City Avenue, Hai’an Road, Wentao Road and other roads. The expansion of Tangdong Water Plant will alleviate the problem of water shortage in the city. The Longgang Government Affairs Hall, located at the intersection of Century Avenue and Rainbow Avenue, will implement the reform of "running once at most" after completion, and optimize the administrative examination and approval as well as public services.

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