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A City with 10 Million Permanent Residents to be Built in 5 Years
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On September 25, Wenzhou Municipal Government issued “Several Opinions on Building a City with Ten Million Permanent Residents” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”), and promised to strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, including environment, public service, entrepreneurial ecology, employment, and urban inclusive culture. Wenzhou will strive to build a city with 10 million permanent residents, among whom 8.8 million are with Wenzhou household registration, 5.8 million are social labors. The permanent resident population in Wenzhou will be 4.5 million, with 72% urbanization rate. The proportion of manufacturing employees will reach 50%, and the total human resources reach 2.2 million.

At the end of 2019, the permanent resident population in Wenzhou was 9.3 million. To realize the goal of 10 million permanent residents by 2025, it is estimated that the net increase of permanent residents will be 117,000 each year, with an average annual growth rate of over 1.23%; if the household registered population reaches 8.8 million by 2025, the annual household registered population should increase 79,000, with an average growth rate of over 0.93%, but Wenzhou’s current growth rate is only 0.8%. Every year, about 10,000 talents from other cities will settle in Wenzhou. At the same time, to realize this goal, it is necessary to focus on the structural goal of One Million Talents. By 2025, the total human resources will reach 2.2 million, and the net increase of permanent residents should be 85,000 each year.

The "Opinions" underline the planning guidance. Next, Wenzhou will focus on promoting the coordinated and integrated development of urban areas, comprehensively improve the primacy of central urban areas, speed up the pace of withdrawing counties as well as setting up districts, accelerate the construction of a nation-wide comprehensive transportation hub, and promote the Seven Horizontal and Seven Vertical urban express network, rail transit "S+M" line network planning and construction, speed up the construction of "one-hour traffic circles" in metropolitan areas, municipal areas and urban areas, so as to continuously improve commuting conditions and promote population gathering; Wenzhou will make every effort to build a new industrial platform and high-energy strategic platform with about 10 thousand mu (666.67 hectares) floor space and over 100 billion yuan output, integrate a group of large enterprises, projects and industries with high growth potential and strong leadership, and promote the gathering of personnel on the platform.

The "Opinions" stress the policy support. Wenzhou will further loosen restrictions on household registration permit, implement and detail the regulations on household registration in Lucheng District. Those who are with the vocational school degree or higher, the junior or higher professional title, the senior engineer or higher professional qualifications can register household in Wenzhou without any procedures, and their family members can follow along; those who settle in Lucheng District with newly-purchased self-owned house can enjoy a settlement subsidy of 50,000 yuan per household. Wenzhou will implement the talent incentive policy. The new full-time employees under the age of 35 with Ph.D, and those with BA or MA) from the top 200 universities in the world or domestic first-class universities with first-class disciplines will receive employment subsidies of 60,000 yuan, 40,000 yuan, and 30,000 yuan respectively in two years. Those with Ph.D, BA, MA or 3-year college diplomas newly-employed in enterprises in Lucheng District within two years of graduation will be given employment subsidies of 48,000 yuan, 24,000 yuan, 12,000 yuan, and 72,00 yuan respectively, which will be paid monthly in two years. Wenzhou will deepen some measures to retain talents by housing incentive, give full play to the role of incentives for both housing rental and sale for talents, expand the coverage of policy benefits, raise 2,000 sets of housing for allotment and rental for talents every year, and gradually solve the housing shortage.

The "Opinions" emphasize the optimization of talent pool. Wenzhou will attract young talents in key fields, encourage international undergraduates to come to work in Wenzhou, implement a recruitment plan for international undergraduates, and organize various enterprises in Wenzhou to introduce more than 100,000 posts for the recruitment of international undergraduates each year. Among them, there are no less than 1,000 positions in state-owned enterprises, and no less than 1,500 positions in various scientific research institutes (including new research and development institutions) and introduced or incubating enterprises; increase the supply of high-quality educational resources, and vigorously introduce and cultivate world-known colleges and schools, and focus on multi-level and multi-channel introduction and training of outstanding talents in universities and scientific research institutes; further deepen the collectivizing management of prestigious schools so as to cover the whole city with more high-quality educational resources.

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