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Annual Assessment Results of Zhejiang Characteristic Towns Released 11 Towns in Wenzhou Assessed “Excellent”
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Recently, the Office of Zhejiang Province Characteristic Towns Assessment announced the results of the 2019 assessment of the created and cultivated provincial-level characteristic towns. Among the 13 provincial-level created towns in Wenzhou, 7 were assessed as excellent towns, 4 satisfactory, and 2 qualified. Among the 8 cultivated towns, 4 are excellent and 4 are satisfactory. In total, there are 11 towns that have been assessed as excellent towns, accounting for 28.2% of the whole province's proportion, and ranking first in the province with Hangzhou.

Specifically, among the provincial-level characteristic towns, Taishun Dongquan Hot Spring Town, Yongjia Educational Toy Town, Yueqing Bay Electric Power Technology Town, Pingyang High-end Printing and Packaging Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Town, and Ouhai Life and Health town, Yueqing Smart Electric Town, Wencheng Forest Oxygen Bar Town are excellent towns. Rui’an Overseas Chinese Trade Town, Ouhai Fashion Smart Manufacturing Town, Dongtou Tongxin Tourist Town, and Ruian Smart Control Equipment Town have been assessed as satisfactory towns. Longgang Graphic Arts Town and Cangnan Taiwanese Business Town have passed the assessment. Among the cultivated characteristic towns, the excellent towns include Yongjia Nanxi Poetry and Painting Town, Wenchang Maker Town in Wenzhou, Pingyang Pet Town, and Cangnan Yuliao Bay Lohas Town. Wenzhou Automobile Fashion Town, Yueqing Yandang Mountain Moonlight Town, Southern Zhejiang E-sports Town, and Lucheng Shoe Crafts Town have shown a satisfactory performance in the assessment.

How could these excellent characteristic towns develop? The reporter chose some of them to visit first. For example, the planned area of Taishun Dongquan Hot Spring Town is 4.6 square kilometers. It is a tourism town with leisure, sightseeing, vacation and health care as its core industries. In 2019, the town completed a fixed asset investment of 626 million yuan, of which 5.69 was invested in characteristic industries, accounting for 90.5%; Yongjia Educational Toy Town is located in Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County, with a planning area of 3.44 square kilometers. It aims to create an integrated national educational toy center takes lead in toy experience, R&D, transaction marketing, intelligent manufacturing, and big data; Yueqing Bay Electric Power Technology Town is located in the core area of the Yueqing Economic Development Zone, focusing on building an intelligent industrial system, an innovative ecological system, and an industry-city integration system.

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