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Wenzhou Speeds up Its Integration into the Global Innovation Network
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Youth team projects of scientific and technological innovation from 72 countries worldwide appeared in the cloud in turn to stage brainstorming “screen to screen” and “face to face”. The global finals of 2020 University Startup World Cup (USWC) left Denmark for the first time and was held in Wenzhou, China, setting up a big stage of innovation and cooperation for global young talents.

Alberta Institute of Wenzhou Medical University, the first Sino-foreign cooperative school focusing on clinical medicine in China, welcomed its first 57 freshmen last month. These students will enjoy the innovative medical education mode as the result of the cooperation agreement between the University of Alberta, Canada, one of the world’s top 100 universities, and Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) during the first World Young Scientist (Wenzhou) Summit.

As a major birthplace of China’s private economy, Wenzhou seeks high-quality development in the global innovation pattern. By organizing the World Young Scientist Summit (WYSS), Wenzhou optimizes the allocation of upper-level innovation resources of all parties and deepens the strategy of driving development through innovation. Despite the crisis and changes, it cultivates new opportunities and puts on a new outlook by actively participating in international scientific and technological cooperation and by speeding up the construction of talent exchange platform and its integration into the global innovation network.

Build a bridge for international scientific and technological exchanges so as to promote in-depth innovation and cooperation among youth

In an era with ups and downs when a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform is in full swing and international competition is becoming more and more fierce, global scientific and technological cooperation and exchange calls for new platforms and channels of open cooperation.

In this context, the organizing committee of the WYSS, in line with the Consensus of Global Young Science and Technology Leadership Roundtable released during the WYSS(Wenzhou) last year, highlighted the “Belt and Road” national strategy and the idea of “deep plowing Europe”, and signed a letter of intent with Denmark and Russia to introduce the global finals of 2020 USWC and the grand finals of Medal Championship Cup so as to promote in-depth cooperation in science and technology exchanges between China and Europe.

The USWC is a top international innovation and entrepreneurship competition sponsored by Venture Cup Denmark, a well-known Nordic non-profit organization, and jointly participated by the world’s famous universities. It has attracted more than 4300 startup projects from 72 countries around the world in 2020, among which 75 from 33 countries were selected to enter the finals. By holding USWC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition and investment and financing project matchmaking meeting, a number of participating projects are expected to settle in Wenzhou or in Zhejiang for future cooperation.

Wu Jie, executive director of the Nordic Innovation Center who is in charge of the global finals of the 2020 USWC, said that to host the USWC against the backdrop of the global spread of coronavirus and the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Denmark is of great significance to promoting friendship between the two countries. It will build a bridge for the innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation between Wenzhou, or Zhejiang at large, and Northern Europe and even the whole Europe.

As a medium, competitions will polish Wenzhou’s image in the world, and help more transformation projects of innovation and entrepreneurship achievements and scientific and technological achievements worldwide to display and land in Wenzhou. The Global Elite Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition being held in all counties (cities and districts) of Wenzhou precisely connects with the “5 + 5” modern industrial system that Wenzhou is striving to build. It is divided into 9 major industries, such as life and health, intelligent equipment, digital economy, laser and optoelectronics, and new materials. Among its 800 or so participating projects, more than 80 projects intend to land in Wenzhou, opening up new channels for Wenzhou to attract and introduce high-quality scientific and technological innovation industrialization projects.

Pave the path of scientific, technological and cultural exchanges in order to build a community of young scientists

To seize the opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, we must rely on young people. So it is imperative for Wenzhou to create good conditions and environment for young scientific and technological talents to realize their aspirations and their dreams.

Since the first WYSS last year, Wenzhou has established a long-term communication mechanism and profound friendship with a number of well-known international scientific and technological organizations and scientists, such as World Academy of Young Sciences, Young Earth-Scientists (YES), and Nobel Sustainable Development Foundation. Wenzhou has also cooperated with Zhejiang University, Alibaba and other organizations to jointly establish Zhejiang Association of High-level Young Talents, further opening the channels of scientific and cultural exchanges at home and abroad, and nurturing the innovative cooperation community of young scientists closely bonded by the ties of scientific and technological cooperation.

Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd, a leading enterprise in the educational equipment industry in Wenzhou, participated in the “Belt & Road” Young Talents Training Forum of the WYSS last year to promote Sino-foreign cooperation in science and technology, education and cultural exchanges, and strengthen the training of young talents along the Belt and Road. “This scientific and technological exchange activity is really beneficial. It has opened channels for Wenzhouese private enterprises to go abroad and has laid a solid foundation for them to further develop the markets in countries along the Belt and Road,” said Mr. Chen Jiquan, Chairman of Yalong Intelligent. He said that after the forum, the company joined hands with the Center for International People-to-People Exchange (CCIPE) of the Ministry of Education to implement the project of “Talent Training Base for International People-to-People Exchange in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing”, and collaborated with Ningbo Polytechnic and Wenzhou Polytechnic to set up “Yalong Intelligent International College”, “Yalong Intelligent International Technology Innovation Center” and “Yalong Silk Road College”. In addition, under the guidance of the CCIPE, it established the International Alliance for Integration of Industry and Education in Artificial Intelligence and cooperated with colleges and universities in Tianjin to build “Luban workshops” in Portugal, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt and other places. In this way, Yalong Intelligent leads and promotes the cultivation of talents for “Belt & Road” capacity cooperation, and promote the adoption of technological standards of Chinese enterprises and curriculum standards of Chinese colleges and universities in countries along the Belt and Road so as to push forward people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Focusing on the current hot topics, Wenzhou has frequently joined hands with international scientific and technological organizations to set up a stage for  exchange of ideas, paying attention to the fate of mankind, and displaying scientific and technological humanistic care.

From September 10 to 11, Wenzhou, together with YES and other organizations, held the International Symposium on “Resilient Cities”. More than 100 famous academicians and experts from over 10 countries in the field of geological research gathered in the cloud to interact online and offline to take stock of the advanced concepts and technologies of urban disaster resistance and disaster reduction, as well as the new development trend of the world’s resilient urban agglomerations for the sake of better urban development of Wenzhou. On October 18th, Chinese and foreign academicians and experts from medical and health fields like Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Académie Nationale de Pharmacie will gather at the International Symposium of Young Medical Scientists and the China (Wenzhou) Pharmaceutical Summit to share and exchange their achievements and experience in combating the epidemic. Industrial elites will pool their wisdom to push Wenzhou to actively integrate into the global pharmaceutical research system and develop pharmaceutical products industry.

Jointly set up a training platform for scientific and technological youth with a view to nurturing a talent team with global vision

To accelerate the integration into the global innovation network, we need to make use of foreign high-quality science and technology education resources to jointly build youth talent training platforms, and create a high-level young talent team with international vision to serve Wenzhou’s innovation and development.

During the WYSS last year, WMU hosted eight activities including the International Forum on Vision Ophthalmology Innovation and the International Nursing Summit Forum. During these academic exchange activities, it had in-depth exchanges with universities and young scientists from the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Sweden, South Korea and other countries, and reached a series of cooperation intentions. Its cooperation with Chonnam National University of South Korea to initiate the doctoral degree education program of pharmacy has been approved by the Ministry of Education, becoming the first Sino-foreign cooperative education program at the doctoral level of pharmacy in China; its master’s education program in cooperation with Burapha University in Thailand has enrolled 26 students for the first time; and its construction of a series of international scientific research platforms, such as the Sino-Australian Biomedical Joint Research Institute and the Sino-Swiss Institute of Life Sciences, has fared well.

Relying on the platforms like the WYSS and grasping the opportunities of talent introduction, WMU has successfully introduced Song Weihong, academician of Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and chief researcher of Alzheimer’s disease, ranking in the forefront of local universities and provincial universities in China in terms of the number of high-level talents. Li Xiaokun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of WMU, said that in the past year, the university had taken advantage of the opportunity of the WYSS to carry out extensive scientific and cultural exchanges and promote innovation and cooperation among young scientists.

Universities, scientific research institutes and all kinds of innovation subjects in Wenzhou all try to snatch the opportunity of the WYSS to continuously deepen cooperation with well-known universities at home and abroad through project cooperation, talent introduction, dialogue and communication, and to enhance exchanges and mutual trust with them, in the hope of making Wenzhou more international and bringing it further on the road of integration into the global scientific and technological innovation network.

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