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Overseas Chinese Hotel of Wenzhou Builds a “Five-Star Homestay”
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Yuanqigu Ma’anyan Forest Health Care Base

On January 3, it was learned from Wenzhou Modern Group that Overseas Chinese Hotel of Wenzhou, by giving full play to its brand management advantage of a senior five-star hotel, signed a trusteeship agreement with Wenzhou Donglai Leisure Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. on Yuanqigu Ma’anyan Forest Health Care Base in 2019 to build the base into a “five-star homestay” in Ma’anyan Scenic Area of Zeya Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou. During the National Day of 2019, the base was put into trial operation.

Yuanqigu Ma’anyan Forest Health Care Base is located in Ma’anyan Scenic Area of Zeya, Ouhai, with beautiful natural scenery and fresh air. When entering the base, you will see the exquisite residences in the nature in the raw. So far, there are10 guestroom buildings with a total of 25 guestrooms (including parent-child rooms) in the base, providing such supporting services as physical therapy, yoga, fitness, tea ceremony, swimming pool and spa. No doubt, the base is a desirable destination for citizens to leisure, health care and recuperation, to take shelter from the heat and to conduct team building.

“Overseas Chinese Hotel of Wenzhou is the first state-owned five-star hotel in Wenzhou, and its overseas Chinese brand ensures its quality as a five-star hotel,” said Chen Jiele, head of the operation team of Overseas Chinese Hotel of Wenzhou. All the guestrooms in the base are decorated and operated according to the standard of a five-star hotel .

As a livable place, Zeya is also worth traveling. Mr. Chen also said that since the guests staying in the hotel aimed to take leisure in their travel, his team carefully collected information of the tourist routes nearby for guests, such as the routes to walk around the terraces, bamboo sea and red base of Ma’anyan Scenic Spot. In addition, his team also considerately marked the distance between the hotel and the surrounding scenic spots within half an hour’s drive such as Jingangjian Grass Skating, Zeya Grand Canyon Rafting, Donglian Paper Mountain, Miaohou Qijun’s Hometown, West Yandang, Qiyun Mountain, Zeya Reservoir and Qipujian Waterfall.

In addition, Mr. Chen also told that the vegetables used by the hotel guests are all organic farm vegetables planted by the hotel itself. The hotel would ask for the guests’ preferences of vegetables after they have dinner and send to them at check-out the gift of well-packaged vegetables picked early in the morning. Recently, the hotel has also made other gifts for guests like bamboo penholder and cup.

“During the trial operation, we will continue to improve supporting facilities to prepare for the official opening,” said Mr. Chen. In the next step, the base will take measures to meet the diversified customer needs, for example, getting equipped with meeting rooms for meeting and training, and supplementing the hotel’s business with catering and tea break. At the same time, due to the low water temperature in winter, the base is trying to build a hot spring pool beside the swimming pool for recuperation in winter.

It is understood that the base has an altitude of about 560 meters and a negative oxygen ion concentration of more than 10000/cm3. It has received qualification from Wenzhou Federation of Trade Unions as a base for staff recuperation. In the future, with five-star quality service, Overseas Chinese Hotel of Wenzhou will build a health resort for guests to “embrace nature and awaken the soul” , so that all guests can enjoy themselves during the vacation.

In the end, tourists are suggested to book one week in advance because every weekend is the peak time of visits.

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