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Action Plan for the Construction of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area Issued
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The “Action Plan for the Construction of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan of Wenzhou”) was officially announced recently. This is the first action plan released in the name of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area since Zhejiang Province issued the “Action Plan for the Construction of Metropolitan Areas in Zhejiang” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan of Zhejiang”).

The Action Plan, as a blueprint for the building of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area, attracts much attention since Wenzhou is one of the four major metropolitan areas in Zhejiang.

To build Wenzhou into “eight cities” in an all-round way by 2035

It is a major decision of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Government to fully implement the construction of the Greater Bay Area, Great Garden, Great Channel and Metropolitan Area. The Action Plan not only embodies Wenzhou’s implementation of the the “Action Plan of Zhejiang” , but also adds some new “options” for Wenzhou.

For example, on top of the “seven cities” put forward in the “Action Plan of Zhejiang”, the “Action Plan” added the goal of building Wenzhou into “a fashion city with developed intelligent manufacturing” in line with Wenzhou’s own construction and development in recent years. According to the “Action Plan of Wenzhou”, Wenzhou will become “eight cities” by 2035: a city full of vitality and innovation, a city famous throughout the world for its opening-up, a convenient and interconnected city, a sharing city that is inclusive and livable, a green and low-carbon garden city, a smart city that is safe and efficient, a charming and happy city of humanity and a fashion city with developed intelligent manufacturing, ranking among the advanced coastal cities in China.

In addition, it is stipulated in the “Action Plan of Wenzhou” that Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will, by 2022, achieve a total economic volume of about 800 billion yuan, form three “one-hour traffic circles” of the metropolitan area, city area and the city proper respectively, and become an important “South Gate” for the Yangtze River Delta to realize integrated development and connect Fujian and Taiwan. While consolidating its position as the third pillar of economic growth in Zhejiang, Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will, hopefully, become a city with “one million talents, ten million population and one trillion GDP”.

The core area of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area includes four districts, three county-level cities and three counties

As Wenzhou Metropolitan Area includes Wenzhou city area and Qingtian County of Lishui City, the “Action Plan of Wenzhou” was jointly issued by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and Lishui Municipal People’s government. The core area of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will gradually cover all the city area within the range of the core area, now including Wenzhou urban area, Yueqing (County-level) City, Rui’an (County-level) City, Yongjia County, Pingyang County, Cangnan County and Longgang (County-level) City.

An overall spatial pattern of “one center, two sub-centers, three axes and four belts” will be built to enhance the industrial competitiveness of the metropolitan area. The center is the area around the Daluo Mountain which links Oubei, Sanjiang and Huangtian areas in Yongjia across the Oujiang River in the north, and Rui’an across Feiyunjiang River in south for integrated growth. The two sub-centers are Yueqing in north, and Pingyang, Cangnan and Longgang in south, which will be powerful wings for the metropolitan area to take off. The three axes are the development axe along the Oujiang River, the development axe along the east coast and the ecological development axe in the west, while the four industrial belts are the coastal advanced intelligent manufacturing industry belt, the scientific and technological innovation industry belt around Daluo Mountain, the western ecological leisure industry belt, and the cultural industry belt of the Oujiang Landscape Poetry Road.

Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will be closely linked with Taizhou and Lishui to promote Wenzhou’s inter-connectivity with surrounding cities like Taizhou, Lishui, Quzhou, Ningde, Nanping, and Shangrao. At the same time, it will establish its mechanism of cooperation and exchange with Taizhou that focuses on the cooperation between Yueqing and Wenling and Yuhuan, carry out the cooperation pilot of cross regional development policies between Wenzhou and Taizhou, and cooperate with Lishui and Quzhou to create Zhejiang Anhui Fujian Jiangxi National Ecotourism Cooperation Zone.

Pool the strength to construct 9 urban functional platforms such as Binjiang Business District

The center of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will be the engine to drive the construction of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area. The “Action Plan of Wenzhou” puts forward “the integration of the center”, which comprises the overall planning and development of urban space after the large-scale demolition and renovation, the sped-up extension of the central urban area “to the sea in the east”, the deep integration of Dongtou District and Oujiangkou Industrial Cluster, the integration of production and city of Oujiangkou and Southern Zhejiang Industrial Cluster, and the optimization and adjustment of the spatial and functional layout of the east. Meanwhile, the Action Plan requires to break down the existing administrative divisions, plan and promote as a whole the allocation of resources, the construction of public facilities and the distribution of productivity, and expand the capacity and improve the quality of central urban area. The two sides of the Oujiang River and the Wenrui Plain will be further integrated to promote the expansion of Wenzhou’s central urban area to the north and south and accelerate the integrated growth of the center of the urban area.

In the construction of the metropolitan area, Wenzhou will pool its strength for major undertakings. It will optimize the financial management system and distribution pattern at the municipal and district levels in order to increase its ability of concentrating financial resources on major undertakings. It will also gradually adjust the administrative divisions, changing counties (county-level cities) to districts, and actively explore new coordination and management mechanisms across administrative regions. Besides, it will intensify the support and guarantee for private economy to participate in the construction and operation of the urban area.

In terms of “improving the primacy of the central urban area”, it is worth noting that the “Action Plan of Wenzhou” proposes to focus on promoting the construction of Binjiang Business District, Central Green Axis, High-speed Railway New City, South Ouhai New Area, East Comprehensive Transportation Hub, Oujiangkou New Area, South Zhejiang Industrial Cluster Binhai New Area, North Oujiang New City Area and North Wenzhou High-speed Railway Hub to optimize and promote the city function platform.

Accelerate the construction of city railway to connect Wenzhou with Qingtian in Lishui and Taizhou

To achieve the goal of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area calls for actions. The “Action Plan of Wenzhou” came up with the action of building “eight cities” as stated above. Taking the construction of a convenient city as an example, it proposes to plan and construct the East Wenzhou Railway Station, Airport Comprehensive Transportation Center, Terminal 3 and the second runway; promote the planning and construction of Wenzhou North High-speed Railway Hub; and build Wenzhou Port into a major hub port with its tentacles reaching the south of Zhejiang, north of Fujian and east of Jiangxi, and an international cruise port influential in the southeast coast.

In terms of the external transportation, the first phase of Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railway will be completed, the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou-Fuzhou High-speed Railway, Wenzhou-Wuyishan Mountain-Ji’an Railway and Wenzhou-Yiwu Expressway will be planned, and the double track of Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway and Longyou-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway will be built.

The internal traffic of Wenzhou Metropolitan Area will be comprised of “one ring expressway, one beltway expressway and nine radiation expressways”, “seven east-west highways and seven north-south highways” and “eight north-south trunk roads and six east-west trunk roads”. Besides, the East Extension of Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Expressway will be constructed, Rui’an-Pingyang-Cangnan Expressway (South Link), Taishun-Cangnan Expressway, Wencheng-Qingtian Expressway and Yueqing-Yongjia-Qingtian Expressway will be planned, and the way of differentiated charging and municipal transformation of expressway across the city will be explored.

At the same time, the “Action Plan of Wenzhou” asks to promote the integration of public transport in the urban area. It envisions to build the first phase of the metro lines M1 and M2 and the city railway line S3, accelerate the construction of the city railway line S2, speed the work of making schemes for intercity connecting line of city railway between Wenzhou and Qingtian of Lishui, and the work of planning the connecting line with Taizhou, and accelerate the construction of 10 BRT lines with a total length of 200 kilometers, which makes the BRT network basically cover the core passenger flow corridors of urban public transport.

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