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Construction of Yongjia Section of Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway Kicks off
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It was learned from the Comprehensive Development and Construction Center of the New Town of Wenzhou North High-speed Railway Station on January 12 that the construction of Yongjia section of Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railway kicked off on January 10.

At the construction site of Doumenxi River Super Bridge, the 6th bid section of Yongjia section of Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway in Changyuan Village, Dongcheng Sub-district, Yongjia County, the excavator had started to clean up the land surface and the construction personnel were working in an orderly manner in the middle of rumbling machines.

With a total length of 315 kilometers and a designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway starts from Hangzhou West Railway Station and ends at Wenzhou South Railway Station. It is a high-speed railway integrating functions of backbone road network, intercity rail and tourism, which has been listed in the national medium and long-term railway network planning.

Having started construction in 2020, the last year of the 13th Five-year Plan, Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway will become the fastest way from Wenzhou metropolitan area to Jinhua-Yiwu metropolitan area and Hangzhou metropolitan area. After its completion and opening, people are possible to travel between Wenzhou and Hangzhou in an hour.

With a total investment of 38.3 billion yuan, the first phase of Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway Project ranges from Yiwu Station to Wenzhou North Station. Among its 201.4km new main tracks, 67 kilometers receiving 11.7 billion yuan are in Yongjia County, Wenzhou City. It is divided into the fourth bid sections, the sixth bid section and the fifth bid section, among which the fifth bid section progressing in full swing had started in advance on December 21, 2018 and finished a construction and installation investment of 91.56 million yuan.

Ji Yiliang, Director of the Comprehensive Development and Construction Center of the New Town of Wenzhou North High-speed Railway Station, said that since 2019, Zhejiang Province and Wenzhou City have intensified their efforts to facilitate the project of Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railway. Last September, the provincial government signed a PPP agreement with Blooms Hangwen Rail Co., Ltd.; on December 18, households in 40,000-square-meters area of Dapuyang natural village of Wenzhou North Station have all agreed on relocation; on December 30, Zhejiang Development and Reform Commission organized a mobilization meeting of land acquisition and demolition for Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway and Jinyong (Yiwu-Ningbo) Railway in Hangzhou; and on December 31, the bidding work was completed for the 4th and 6th bid sections, and 280 mu (about 18.6667 hectares) of land within the control range was legally delivered to the government.

On January 10, all sections of Yongjia section of Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway started construction. Part of the construction personnel and mechanical equipment were in place while the ground of the key construction areas was leveled.

At present, to ensure the smooth construction of the project, Yongjia County Government is speeding up its work of legitimate land expropriation, cooperating with the construction department to initiate the approval and land delivery work of large and small temporary land, and doing a good job in the acquisition of all the land within the control range.

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