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World Young Scientist Pioneer Park to Be Constructed
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In October 2019, the First World Young Scientist Summit was held in Wenzhou, which had a positive effect on society. On the morning of January 7th, the opening ceremony of the construction of World Young Scientist Pioneer Park and the contract-signing ceremony of major projects of Ouhai Science & Innovation Platform were staged. There were 25 major projects being introduced into four Science & Innovation Platforms, which was injecting strong vigor into the high-quality development of “One District One Corridor” as well as the whole region.

During the period of World Young Scientist Summit, Wenzhou conceived the so-called “one accelerator, one park, and one fund “operation pattern in order to implement the major scientific and technological results and major projects. Therefore, World Young Scientist start-up accelerator, World Young Scientist Pioneer Park, and World Young Scientist Venture Fund came into being. Especially, the World Young Scientist Pioneer Park, with an area of 1,288 acres, located in Block A of E’hu Fashion Industry Park, Nanbaixiang Sub-district, Ouhai District, was focusing on the digital economy, smart appliances, life & health, new energy & intelligent connected vehicles, new materials as the five emerging industries. Great efforts were made to foster an innovation-friendly environment for World Young Scientist.

It is learned that the first planning period of Pioneer Park was 24 months, which will begin to attract business after the Spring Festival. About 60-80 enterprises will enter this Pioneer Park, which can provide and implement supporting policies for enterprises. Besides, financing platform, venture funds, and human resources institutions are all set up to earnestly meet enterprise’s needs for well-trained personnel and to solve difficulties in financing.

Moreover, at this concentrated contract-signing ceremony of major projects of Ouhai Science & Innovation Platform, 25 major projects entered into the four important platforms: the World Young Scientist start-up accelerator and Pioneer Park, Wenzhou Digital Economy Building, Wenzhou CASYQ New Town Project, and Institution of Wenzhou, Zhejiang University.

As one of the 25 major projects, Beijing Digital Precision Medicine Technology Company, ltd. is famous for the research and application of molecular imaging high-precision technology. “The government of Ouhai is planning to build Wenzhou CASYQ New Tow, where a new group of major science and technology programs and projects will be launched in areas with a concentration of CASYQs.” said the company head Wang Nina. After entering, we will encourage Zhejiang optical and electron to extend toward industry chain. Breakthroughs will be made in Ouhai District with rich medical resources and university human resources.

It is said that the 25 major projects will expand the scope of development and the distribution of industries in Ouhai District,  emerging industry clusters such as digital economy and life & health, thus creating strong new engines, which is helpful to enhance its capacity for independent innovation and industry chain and establish a system of technological innovation in which enterprises, universities and research institutes work together. Thus, Ouhai will emerge as a front-runner of science and technology innovation in the south of Zhejiang.

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