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“Wenzhou Time”at International Horticultural Expo
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The photo is a view of “Wenzhou City Day” at the International Horticultural Exposition (supplied by Wenzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau )

International Horticultural Exposition Beijing 2019 will initiate “Wenzhou Time” on September 1st, 2019. It is learned from Wenzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau that with the theme of “Wenzhou, a warm and humid city with picturesque scenery”, “Wenzhou City Day” at the International Horticultural Exposition Beijing 2019 will be held from September 1st to 15th , which will demonstrate Wenzhou’s forestry achievements, intangible cultural heritage, eco-agricultural and forestry products and so on.

“More than 70 featured items in Wenzhou are on display,” said relevant director from the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, “such as hair embroidery, bamboo shell painting, rice sculpture, bamboo mosaic, boxwood carving, Yandang Maofeng Tea from Yueqing City, Pingyang Huangtang Yellow Tea and so on.” Those characteristic products attracted nearly 4,000 tourists as soon as they were exhibited.

The best exhibits include Wenzhou’s famous teas such as Yueqing Nengren Tea, Yongjia Spring Tea, Wencheng Tribute Tea, Pingyang Huangtang Yellow Tea, etc., with  Nengren Tea listed as tribute tea during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Meanwhile, the rice sculpture “Family Reunion Dinner” presents 12 lifelike dishes, including bitter orange, beef, eel, Spanish mackerel, clam, soy sauce, fried radish shredded ball, fried New Year cake, etc.

Besides, Wenzhou also paid great attention to small articles at the expo. For example, the square stools at the expo are uniquely decorated with the wooden movable type originated from the wooden movable type printing.

It is learned that on September 7th, Wenzhou will hold “Wenzhou Day” in Zhejiang Park of the International Horticultural Exposition. At that time, Wenzhou’s intangible cultural heritages such as string puppet show, guci, Ou embroidery, Kunqu opera and so on, will be exhibited in turn in the park.

International Horticultural Exposition is a professional international expo of the highest level hosted by China. It is not only an exhibition of exquisite gardening products and exotic flowers and plants all over the world, but also the largest horticultural exposition integrating cultural achievements with scientific and technological accomplishments.

With the theme of “Green Life, Beautiful Land”, the expo this year is held in Yanqing District of Beijing from April 29th to October 7th. During the 162 days’ exhibition, about 110 countries and international organizations participate in the exhibition. (Reported by Zhang Ying)

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