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Overseas Wenzhouese Service Platform Liaison Sites Awarded License
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Recently, the Wenzhou Public Security Bureau has held a license awarding ceremony for Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online, an online overseas Wenzhouese service platform. It is reported that the upgraded version of this service platform established more than one year ago. More than 500 overseas Wenzhouese come here to go through entry and exit procedures, household registration and other formalities, and more than 6,000 consultations have been answered. The platform got compliment from the municipal leaders and society.

In recent years, more and more overseas Wenzhouese have been returning to their hometown to go through formalities, such as driver license registration, entry and exit procedures, and household registration, and, in most cases, they need to go to the police station back and forth. In May, 2016, Wenzhou Public Security Bureau responded actively to the Belt and Road Initiative, focused on the inconvenience in handling public security administrative examination and approval when overseas Wenzhouese returned from abroad, so it set up an online office, Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online, at the police station of Ouhai, Li’ao. Through remote video, it opened a connection with the liaison site in Milan and Italy, and tried to reply some simple consultations and go through formality. In June, 2018, Wenzhou Public Security Bureau integrated the “Millions Online Application” with the Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online project, and created an upgraded version.

It is learned that 20 liaison sites of Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online now has been set up in 11 cities in which overseas Wenzhouese are relatively concentrated in five continents, and an Online Police Service center in the Exit-entry Administration Bureau set up to serve overseas Wenzhouese by Wenzhou Public Security Bureau. In following six counties, cities and districts, including Lucheng, Ouhai, Yueqing, Ruian, Yongjia and Wencheng, where there are more than 30,000 overseas Wenzhouese, branch centers of Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online are set up; in Li’ao, Xianyan, Tangxiao and Qidu, where there are more than 20,000 overseas Wenzhouese, some service sites in police stations are set up and uniformly managed by the branch center at the county level. The platform is characterized by integrated function, unified system and standard service. With the guidance of the police liaison officers, overseas Wenzhouese can log in the online platform with their mobile phones and easily go through more than 50 public security formalities, making these procedures as convenient as shopping online; for those off-line matters, after confirming their identities on line, they can entrust others to complete the relevant formalities; For matters out of the responsibility of public security bureau shall be accepted and promptly transferred to the relative department to go through, and the results shall be promptly returned., so that Overseas Wenzhouese Service Online will become a bridge for overseas Wenzhouese closely connected with people’s livelihood.

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