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Wenzhou Airport Initiates Electronic Temporary Flight Certification System
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If you hurry to the airport but forget to take your ID card, you don’t have to worry about it. Since September 10th, the electronic temporary flight certification system has officially been put into use. In addition to applying for a temporary identity certification at police office in the airport, passengers who forget to take their ID cards or find their ID cards expired may also check in with the electronic temporary flight certification system.

According to staff of Wenzhou Airport, when handling electronic temporary flight certification, passengers can enter the operation page by following the official account, Civil Aviation Temporary Flight Certificate, or choosing the Traffic Travel of Urban Services, and clicking the option, Civil Aviation Temporary Airline Certificate. After the verification of personal information and facial recognition, they can obtain an electronic anti-counterfeiting QR code after 60 seconds, and then check in at the security check counters in which the QR code identity verification equipment is installed. Electronic anti-counterfeiting QR codes are valid for 15 days and are restricted to passengers using second-generation ID cards to book the tickets.

At present, the QR code identity verification terminal equipment has been installed in the counters A12, B12, C14 and D09 at Terminal 2 of the Wenzhou Airport, Counter 18 of the security inspection channel and the security check channel. Passengers who use the electronic temporary flight certification may select the above counters and security channel to check in.

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