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Looking For Lan Xiaocao Debuts in Wenzhou
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Looking for Lan Xiaocao, a movie on public welfare, was premiered at Lumière Studios, the Mixc, Wenzhou on August 2nd. It is reported that the movie will be released nationwide on August 9th. After obtaining the film release license from the National Film Bureau in April this year, the movie was also listed among the candidates of the 2019 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival recently.

As early as May 2017, the creative team of Zhejiang Big Banyan Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. had begun preparing to film the story of Lan Xiaocao. Over a hundred acquaintances of Lan had been interviewed by the team, while the true identity of Lan was never unveiled all the while. During efforts of seeking Lan Xiaocao, it was realized that in this warm and sweet city, anyone could be Lan Xiaocao, hence the name of the film-Looking For Lan Xiaocao. Five months later, the team was shocked to learn that Wang Jue, the prototype of Lan Xiaocan died of disease. They decided at once to make a film that highlights Lan Xiaocao’s high morality of “universal love”, a film that would proceed in two story lines-life stories of ordinary country doctor Wang Jue and the effort of looking for Lan Xiaocao who is widely known but has never been seen.

The prototypal character of this film Wang Jue is played by Wang Weizhi, winner of the Best New Artist Award for the China Huabiao Film Awards. Musician Zhao Jiang wrote the theme song “Ordinary Love” for the film, which is sung by the Wenzhouese singer Li Huizhen. Besides, Zhao Jiang also composed an interlude song called “Ah, Homeland” which is sung by Wang Jue’s son —Wang Zizhen. During the debut, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Shanghai, Hebei, Shenzhen, Shandong, Sichuan and other places carried out “live broadcasts” with the main venue in Wenzhou to relay love and spread “the voice of Wenzhou” and “the voice of China”.

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