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Wenzhou’s 21 Enterprises Authorized Provincial Quality Product Markings
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A few days ago, the Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation released a name list for another batch of enterprises authorized to use the Pinzi Marking for Zhejiang-made quality products. On the list are also Wenzhou’s 17 enterprises including Zhejiang Qiangmeng Industrial Co., Ltd. So far, 21 enterprises in Wenzhou have attained the Marking use right, among which 4 enterprises got the right by certification, and 17 by Self-declaration of Conformity (SDoC ). Now, Wenzhou has completed 66% of this year’s task of wining the right to use the Marking .

The Pinzi Marking is an icon of the regional brand of advanced and leading quality products and their making benchmark in Zhejiang’s manufacturing industry. The SDoC with the requirements for the use of Pinzi Marking can be made by a manufacturing enterprise which has partly met the requirements but not applied for the certification of using the Marking . The valid period of the Pinzi Marking obtained by means of SDoC is 12 months.

In recent years, Wenzhou has fostered flagship and “single champion” enterprises (those influential, competitive and potential in China with an annual business revenue of RMB 400 million, and ranking among the first three in domestic subdivided industry) in the manufacturing industry by adopting measures such as upgrading of product standard, quality and brand to vigorously promote the brand construction of Zhejiang’s manufacturing industry. The Pinzi Marking awarding is included in the measures, and Wenzhou’s 376 enterprises have been identified as the major supporting ones for wining the Pinzi Marking before 2022.

Currently, in Wenzhou, 83 enterprises producing 138 products have been awarded the Pinzi Marking, and thus a regional brand group owning the Pinzi Marking use right has begun to form.

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