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Wenzhou Introduces 12 New Exit-Entry Policies
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It is learned from the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau that Wenzhou will fully implement the 12 preferential exit-entry policies for foreign expats (hereinafter referred to as “12 New Policies”) issued by the Ministry of Public Security from August 1st.

Zhoushan and Hangzhou have pioneered 7 new exit-entry policies as pilot zones since 2017. The “12 New Policies” to be carried out in Zhejiang this time include some of the 7 policies and add some new ones, which will benefit the entire province. In the past, only 5 units in Zhejiang were qualified to recommend permanent residency. With the implementation of the “12 New Policies”, however, 25 new units will have the right to do so, including Wenzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The “12 New Policies” is aimed at four groups of people, namely, foreign high-caliber talents, long-term workers in China, outstanding foreign youth and overseas Chinese. They are expected to arouse the passion and enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, investment and starting new businesses in China so as to further improve the soft environment for foreign-related work.

The “12 New Policies” will bring in some changes. According to the Captain of Foreigner Management Section of the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau, Article 7, for example, stipulates that under the new policies, foreigners employed by domestic enterprises, who have completed the application of work permit yet have not obtained work visa, are eligible to apply to the Exit-Entry Administration Department for work-type residence permit; foreigners who have applied twice for over-one-year-period work-type residence permit and have never committed any unlawful acts are eligible to apply for the 5-year valid work-type residence permit. In the past, the 5-year valid work-type residence permit is only reserved for high-caliber professionals and the Chinese of foreign nationalities. The new policies not only provide facility for long-term stay to foreign personnel who command stability in job and are law-abiding and credible, but also streamline the procedure of work-type residence permit application.

Moreover, in the 12 new policies, two groups of people are eligible for permanent residency. The first is foreigners who have worked in China for at least four years with a stable income and a good credit history in tax. The second is foreign Chinese who have a doctoral degree or who have worked in key development areas for at least 4 consecutive years and have lived in China for at least six months a year. In addition, the policy also supports the foreign students who graduated from key domestic universities or internationally renowned universities to start businesses or take part in innovations in Zhejiang.

Wenzhou Public Security Bureau told that the “12 New Policies” is a measure in line with the requirement of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to “delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services”. It will optimize the business environment in Wenzhou, attract high-caliber talents, promote economic development, and speed up Wenzhou’s construction of the “Two Zones” (the Pilot Zone for the Healthy Development of Private Sector Economy and Entrepreneurs, and the National Innovation Demonstration Zone) in the new era.

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