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Wenzhou Creates Supermarket-type Household Service Eco-circle
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In recent years, the household service industry has developed rapidly. It is no longer difficult to find a babysitter, but still hard to find a reliable one. Not long ago, Ms.Li found a “gold babysitter”, who proficient in cooking, taking care of baby and cleaning. This professional babysitter was found in Wenzhou Household Service Market.

Wenzhou Household Service Market, launched in 2018, is a public exemplary household service innovation platform. The platform took the initiative to adopt the operation mode of Government Leading, Enterprise Operation, Social Participation, and Information Supporting, which effectively solves the problems of specialization, scale, information, standard, incomplete industry management system and rules of Wenzhou’s household service industry.

Wenzhou Household Service Market is divided into five areas, Public Service Area, Vocational Training Area, Household Service Experience Area, Household Service Exchange Area, Entrepreneurial Incubation Area. Now, its household services cover more than 30 areas, such as nursing, childcare, cleaning, elderly care, forming a one-stop, supermarket-type household service Eco-circle.

Ms. Li found Wu Suilan, a babysitter, through the market. "The babysitter at home left suddenly but we desperately needed a new one. I didn't expect the market can give a reply within a day. They recommended Wu Suilan to me, and solved my urgent need." She said that the babysitters recommended by Wenzhou Household Service Market makes employers feel considerably reliable. This reliability stems from the establishment of the integrity system of housekeepers.

The visual electronic file system for housekeepers, a management system implements “one person, one card, one file and one code”, is developed in Wenzhou. That is to say, a service card will be issued to qualified pre-training personnel by the market, and the public security department will carry out a "status physical examination" to the personnel registered in the market. Employers can fully understand the basic information, performance and user evaluation of housekeepers by scanning the exclusive QR code of each one. Since the market was opened in May 2018, a total of 93 people with criminal records have been screened out of more than 3,200 job seekers, and the number of card-holding housekeepers has reached 1,951. After multi-rounds of evaluation and selection, 20 high-quality household service institutions in and outside Wenzhou are clustered in the market.

Wenzhou's household service industry has also been digitalized. In the past, employers needed to personally interview the babysitter to assure if she is qualified, but now, they only need to click their mobile phones. With Wenzhou Household Service Market, employers can browse service information, book home service personnel and services, and check the basic information of employees and integrity files on the mobile phones. So the household service can be offered with only click on the mobile phone application, and one-stop market service.

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