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2 Provincial-level National Fitness Centers to Be Built This Year
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According to Plans for Implementing the Construction of Wenzhou Public Sports Fields and Facilities in 2019 issued earlier this month, this year will witness the establishment of 2 provincial-level national fitness centers, 32 multifunctional community public playgrounds, 10 (provincial-level) football fields, 12 (assembled or non-standard) swimming pools and 6 central villages national fitness squares (sports and leisure parks).

Provincial-level national fitness center

At least 12 sports items

Construction standards of provincial-level national fitness centers: Indoor stadiums, led by government or guided by government and funded by social capital, are predominant, covering a building area of over 4,000 ㎡, more than 3,500 ㎡ for at least 12 sports items, and consisting of service rooms and fitness rooms, which are made up of large ones with a  headroom of over 7 m and an area of more than 800 ㎡, and small ones with a  headroom of over 3 m and an area of more than 40 ㎡. Indoor stadiums are supposed to reach national standards in the aspects of hygiene, environmental noise and various graphical symbols and signs of public information. Besides, Outdoor sports fields are to be built on an adequate scale and surrounded by lush greenery so as to meet citizens’ needs of fitness, consisting of indispensable fields, such as table tennis courts, physical fitness test rooms, basketball courts, badminton courts and indoor fitness rooms with gymnastic apparatus and so on.

Multifuntional community playgrounds

At least 2 kinds of sports items

Standards of multifunctional community playgrounds: Community playgrounds are to be established in the city community for two or more kinds of sports items, covering an area of over 600 ㎡ and consisting of a single sports field or combined sports fields and fitness facilities with lightning facilities and even an over 4m-high fence in accordance with the requirements of sports fields if established on the roof, near the highway or railway and other places with safety risk.

Fitness rooms opening at least 56 hours every week for public

According to Plans for Implementing the Construction of Wenzhou Public Sports Fields and Facilities in 2019, this year will witness the establishment or improvement of 10 fitness rooms for public, 10 (municipal-level) soccer fields, 30 trails for hiking and fitness, and 100 improvement projects of building well-off sports villages.

Fitness rooms for everyday man are open at least 56 hours every week with an indoor usable area of more than 200㎡, and more than 80㎡ for gymnastics and dance rooms.

Sports fields and facilities

Free or low-cost

Wenzhou public sports fields and facilities construction projects in 2019, whose site selection will be done by the end of this month, will be finished before October 31 and inspected and accepted on site by staff members of Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and Wenzhou Municipal Sports Bureau in the first ten days of December. According to Wenzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, sports field and facilities funded by financial capital are free or low-cost for public and those funded by social capital are low-cost for public by government purchase of services.

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