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Wenzhou’s Q1 Growth Rate of Investment in Technological Transformation Ranks First in Zhejiang
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Intelligent transformation is a new engine for the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. On April 22nd, Wenzhou held an on-the-spot meeting on intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises. It is learned that the investment in technological transformation of Wenzhou increased 42.1% year on year in the first quarter of this year, ranking first in Zhejiang province. With the focus on the “intelligent transformation of one thousand enterprises”, Wenzhou will intellectualize over 500 enterprises this year.

New Kinetic Energy

Intelligent technology has reduced the number of workers and increased the annual output value

During the on-the-spot meeting on April 22nd, delegates visited the workshops of intelligent transformation pioneers in Wenzhou: GPG Motor Co., Ltd., Meishuo Relay Co., Ltd., Shenyi Shaft Industries Co., Ltd. and CWB Group in Yueqing. Those enterprises displayed an obvious similarity: fewer workers but more large-scale machines which yield higher output value.

In the assembly and injection workshops of CWB Group, a series of procedures such as production and assembly were performed by rows of machines that were either waving arms or rotating rhythmically. According to the introduction, CWB Group has comprehensively promoted intelligent manufacturing in recent years, investing more than 500 million yuan to purchase advanced production lines and testing facilities such as industrial robots, high-end injection molding machines, automated assembly lines and visual surveillance systems. As a result, it has reduced the quality loss rate by 20%, cut the number of laborers in workshops by more than 350 people, and raised the sales output value by 40%.

Notably, CWB Group completed the construction of the three-dimensional intelligent warehouse last year, and realized the warehouse automation once and for all. The intelligent warehouse integrates the enterprise resource planning system with the intelligent manufacturing system, monitors the warehouse management in real time and identifies and tracks the bar code.

GPG Motor Co., Ltd., over the past three years, has invested 138 million yuan in transforming production lines such as AC gear motor and planetary gear motor. Its sales revenue increased 12% year on year last year. Meishuo Relay Co., Ltd. applies CCD vision technology, photocatalyst technology and sensing technology to relay intelligent manufacturing system, and has built 18 leading automatic high-speed assembly production lines, with the production automation rate reaching more than 95%. On one production line, the number of workers has been reduced from 60 to 6. In 2017, Shenyi Shaft Industries Co., Ltd. carried out technological transformation of CNC workshop, which increased the production efficiency by 45%, the output value by 22 million yuan, and the qualified rate of products from 92.5% to 95.3%. Walking in a modern workshop and listening to the experience, delegates were so touched that they couldn’t help asking for details.

New Achievements

The year-on-year growth rate of Wenzhou’s investment in technological transformation in the first quarter ranks first in Zhejiang Province

The large investment in intelligent transformation becomes a new driving force for the rapid development of enterprises, which is being proved by more and more industrial enterprises in Wenzhou.

In recent years, Wenzhou has been focusing on digitalization, networking and intellectualization. It has made great efforts to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises in a broader field and at a higher level, and achieved periodical results. Last year, the growth rate of Wenzhou’s investment in technological transformation ranked first in the whole province; in the first quarter of this year, Wenzhou’s investment in technological transformation increased 42.1% year-on-year, with the growth rate being the first in the province; and the industrial investment grew 23.9%, the growth rate of which ranked second in the province, effectively boosting Wenzhou’s industrial economy.

The reason why enterprises are willing to invest in intelligent transformation is not only the immediate increase of output value, but also a number of effective policy incentives. Last year, Wenzhou comprehensively strengthened support for technological transformation of enterprises by formulating and issuing a series of policy documents, such as high-quality development of industrial economy, doubling digital economy in five years and three-year action plan for intelligent technological transformation. Counties (county-level cities and districts) and functional districts also introduced many tailored support measures in line with their realities. For example, Yueqing City issued the most powerful policy in the province – “Eight New Articles of Technological Transformation”, and encouraged banking financial institutions to increase their support for technological reform by linking their support with financial deposits; Rui’an City established a competitive distribution mechanism to optimize the cash flow of technological transformation funds; Ouhai District innovatively implemented the “Eight Methods of Technological Transformation” to teach enterprises “how to change”.

At present, there are four national application projects of the new mode of intelligent manufacturing such as CHINT’s “Digital Workshop Application Based on Internet of Things”, three national pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing such as L.B.N.’s “Pilot Demonstration of the Intelligent Manufacturing of Automotive Intelligent Braking System”, and 16 provincial key projects of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, JUDGER Garment Co., Ltd. became the first enterprise to pass the maturity evaluation of the intelligent manufacturing capability of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

New Moves

Three-year Action Plan for Implementing Intelligent Transformation in a Thousand Enterprises

According to “The Key Points for the Catching-up Development of Wenzhou’s Digital Economy in 2019” issued recently, Wenzhou will strive to achieve an added value of over 50 billion yuan for the core industry of digital economy, a growth rate of 15%, and an index of digital economy development that ranks the top three in Zhejiang. Given the reality in Wenzhou, the core of digital economy lies in industrial digitalization, while the core of industrial digitalization lies in intelligent transformation.

In this light, Wenzhou proposed to implement a three-year plan of action for intelligent transformation of a thousand enterprises in key industries such as electrical, automobile and motorcycle parts, shoes and clothing, pump and valve industries, carry out consultation and diagnosis of intelligent transformation, promote the implementation of intelligent transformation of enterprises, and make every effort to facilitate the construction of intelligent manufacturing units, intelligent production lines, unmanned workshops, unmanned factories and intelligent parks, so as to upgrade the intelligent level of the manufacturing industry in Wenzhou. In 2019, more than 500 enterprises will undergo intelligent transformation, 10 new demonstration projects of intelligent products and 1700 industrial robots will be added, 20 demonstration projects of unmanned workshop and unmanned factory will be built, and 10 parks will experience intelligent transformation. In this way, Wenzhou will ensure that its informationization rate of enterprise buying-stock-selling, production and distribution management will be in the forefront of the province.

At the same time, Wenzhou will focus on building a “5+N” industrial Internet platform system in the five major industries of electricity, automobile and motorcycle parts, pump valves, shoes and clothing, and packaging. Local governments will speed up the construction of cloud platform for local leading industries, cultivate a number of enterprise-level industrial Internet platforms, and provide cloud service for the intelligent transformation of enterprises.

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