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3 Wenzhou Enterprises Rewarded Zhejiang Time-Honored Brands
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Recently, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province has announced the sixth batch of Zhejiang Time-Honored Brands, among which three Wenzhou enterprises are inscribed on the list. So far, there has been 36 Zhejiang Time-Honored Brands in Wenzhou.

The three brands includeTengqiao from Tengqiao Food Co., Ltd., andHuiShenɡtɑnɡ fromHuishengtang Medical Co., Ltd. in Pingyang County, and Weitɑnɡgonɡ of Tanggong Food Management Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou.Among them, Hui Sheng Tang Medical Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise rewarded this title in Pingyang County.Huichuntang,founded in 1878, boasts the longest history among these three enterprises.

It is reported that, since its establishment,Huichuntang has selected authentic medicinal herbs, and developed popular medicines, such asHuishengzhengqi Pill, GuanyinjiujiPill, Wushicha, well-known in Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places.After vicissitudes, it has been the Wenzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage and Wenzhou Time-Honored Brand.

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