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Wenzhou Bestowed “China’s Happiest City”
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On November 25, the China Happy Cities Forum 2019 was held at the Guangdong Provincial Museum, which unveiled the results of the 13th survey of “China’s Happiest Cities”. Wenzhou was selected from the 100 shortlisted cities nationwide as one of the top ten “2019 China’s Happiest Cities”, with Lucheng District awarded the single award of “Happy Employment District”. Yao Gaoyuan, Deputy Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended the event and delivered a keynote speech on behalf of Wenzhou City.

The survey of “China’s Happiest Cities”, co-sponsored by Oriental Outlook of Xinhua News Agency and LIAOWANG INSTITUTE, is currently the most influential city survey and selection activity in China. It has been held for 13 years since 2007, and more than 1 billion people have participated in its public surveys and sample surveys.

With the theme of “Magnificent 70 Years and Happy New Era”, the activity this year, while using previous survey methods, also adopts a city happiness index system based on big data, which was developed in cooperation with Baidu. Through multiple rounds of selection including big data analysis, questionnaire survey, material application and expert review, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Tongchuan and Xuzhou were selected as “2019 China’s Happiest Cities” and Lucheng District won the single award of “Happy Employment District”.

In his keynote speech, Yao Gaoyuan said that different cities have different experiences and understanding about happiness. “Entrepreneurship and innovation create happiness” is the value and view on hardship and happiness deeply rooted in ordinary Wenzhou people. More than 40 years ago, Wenzhou people went through ups and downs and tried everything possible with their keenness, courage, and hard work to embark on the magnificent journey of market-oriented reform and the exploration of a happy life. In the new era, Wenzhou will, in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s expectation on Wenzhou to “continue to write a history of innovation”, start a new journey of entrepreneurship and innovation and high-quality development of the private economy in the new era, injecting a new strong impetus for creating an upgraded version of happy Wenzhou and a high-quality life.

Yao Gaoyuan shared Wenzhou’s “happiness code” with the participants. He said that reform is the path to happiness, self-realization and wealth are the basis of happiness, people’s livelihood is the most fundamental of happiness, and the environment is the prerequisite of happiness. Wenzhou persists in using innovative methods to crack the bottlenecks for enterprises in Wenzhou, treats entrepreneurs with courtesy and honor, continuously releases the vitality of the people to improve people’s livelihood, and tries its best to build itself into a livable city worth travelling. In this way, enterprises, entrepreneurs, residents and travelers in Wenzhou all feel happy. The award of “the Happiest City” does not put an end to Wenzhou’s efforts in creating a happy city, but marks a new beginning to create a happier city in the new era. Wenzhou will always remain true to its original aspiration to secure happiness for people and let people share the achievements of its development.

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