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All-for-One Tourism of Great Yucang Mountain Takes Shape
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Yucang Mountain and other scenic spots scattered around it in Cangnan, such as Wanyao (Bowl Kiln) and Juxi Grand Canyon, are being integrated into a whole large scenic area. According to Cangnan County Tourism Investment Group, the Great Yucang Mountain (Qiaodun Town) Tourism Distribution and Public Service Center and the “Cang Nong Yi Pin” (which means “The First-Class Agricultural Produce of Cangnan”) Exhibition Hall with a total investment of about 650 million yuan will be put into use in the end of this month, and the hotel project in the center is bidding openly to well-known high-quality hotel chains throughout the country. This means that the Great Yucang Mountain Scenic Area, which integrates various scenic spots around Yucang Mountain and is aiming to become a national-level 5A scenic area, has formally taken shape. Tourists will experience the convenience and fun of the all-for-one tourism of the Great Yucang Mountain.

With a total area of 88 square kilometers, the Great Yucang Mountain Scenic Area covers jurisdictions like Qiaodun Town, Juxi Town and Lingxi Town in Cangnan County, and includes such scenic spots as Yucang Mountain Scenic Spot, Juxi Scenic Spot, Dingbutou Village, and Yulong Lake Scenic Spot. It is the core tourism resources for Cangnan County to develop the all-for-one tourism. Among all the scenic spots, Yucang Mountain is a national-level 4A tourist scenic spot and a national forest park, Yulong Lake (Bowl Kiln) is one of the first traditional Chinese historical and cultural villages, a famous Chinese historical and cultural village, and a 3A tourist scenic spot, while the Juxi Grand Canyon is a new scenic spot under development.

“Each scenic spot was developing on its own rather than together, which affected the tourists’ experience,” said the director of Cangnan County Tourism Investment Group. As a result, Cangnan County set out to develop the all-for-one tourism of the Great Yucang Mountain and create a national-level 5A tourist attraction. It invested in 12 construction projects, including the development of the Juxi Ecological Grand Canyon, Yulong Lake Water Sightseeing, Ancient Bowl Kiln, Forest Fairy Tale Kingdom, Alpine Cherry Blossom Park, Sightseeing Train, Suspension Bridge over the Sea of Stones, and Tourist Home-stay. Moreover, the supporting facilities in the scenic area will be upgraded.

The Great Yucang Mountain (Qiaodun Town) Tourism Distribution and Public Service Center is the core project of the Great Yucang Mountain Scenic Area and the provincial key industrial project in Zhejiang. It covers an area of about 235 mu (almost 15.6 hectares) with a total investment of about 650 million yuan. It integrates the rich ecological and cultural tourism resources of Qiaodun Town and Juxi Town to create the main entrance and distribution center of the 5A scenic area of the Great Yucang Mountain. Moreover, it has multiple functions, such as transportation distribution and transfer, tourist reception service, tourism shopping exhibition and sales, and scenic spot management. Its 2503-square-meter tourist center has functional areas like ticketing center, transfer hall, police room, infirmary, toilet, baby care room, power distribution room, catering, exhibition hall, conference center, office and command center. As for the “Cang Nong Yi Pin” Exhibition Hall, it allows tourists to buy high-quality souvenirs with Cangnan characteristics. After being put into operation, the Great Yucang Mountain (Qiaodun Town) Tourism Distribution Center will become an important platform for the overall development of tourism in Cangnan. It will serve as the main entrance of the Great Yucang Mountain Scenic Area, providing tourism distribution services for the three scenic spots of Yucang Mountain Scenic Spot, Bowl Kiln Ancient Village and Juxi Grand Canyon and their surrounding rural tourist attractions.

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