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Wenzhou Airport Switched to the Winter-spring Flight Schedule
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The winter & spring flights are announced from 27 October 2019 to 28 March 2020. It is learned from the Wenzhou Airport that in this winter-spring period,  weekly flights of 2,132 taking off and landing are planned, an average of 304.6 flights per day, with year-on-year growth of 7.29%, with month-over-month growth of 6.49%.

In this period, Wenzhou Airport will add 11 domestic flights to the airports such as Daxing of Beijing, Bijie, Ganzhou, Hefei, Qiqihar, Xishuangbanna, etc. and 4 international flights to Nagoya, Osaka, Shizuoka, and Phnom Penh. There are 36 airline companies including Okay Airways and Cambodia Air, which will carry a mix of passengers and freight. The overnight flights increase 2 to 26 compared with previous season.  The regular waypoints increase 5 to 80 compared with the last season.

In terms of international and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan airlines, many air-companies will operate new routes in the approaching season. Shanghai Airline launched Wenzhou-Nagoya and Wenzhou-Shizuoka routes. Juneyao Airlines launched Wenzhou-Osaka route, Air China Wenzhou-Seoul and Wenzhou-Bangkok routes, Loong Air Wenzhou-Cheju route, Cambodia Air Wenzhou-Phnom Penh route respectively. Moreover, some airlines will continue to keep regular routes. For example, Wenzhou-Seoul route carried by t'way Airlines, Wenzhou-Bangkok route carried by Shanghai Airline, Wenzhou-RCTP by Air China, Wenzhou-TSA by Mandarin Airlines, Wenzhou-Hong Kong by Dragonair, Wenzhou-Macau by Air Macau respectively.

In terms of domestic airlines, the weekly flight volume of major airlines toward Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Southwest areas will reach 455 times, with a month-on-month increase of 7.31%. There are weekly 234 flights on Southwest lines like Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming and other airlines, a month-on-month increase of 8.84%. The mainly increase of flights focus on the routes of Dalian, Xi 'an, Guilin, Guiyang, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Yantai, Taiyuan, Changchun, Lanzhou, etc.

In terms of air fare, Passengers will enjoy concessionary fares from Wenzhou to Xi'an, Harbin, Lijiang, Lanzhou and other tourist cities. Meanwhile, there is different degree of discount for the ticket price in airlines of Tianjin, Urumqi, Nanning and other routes.

It is necessary to remind passengers that flight number KN5958 by China United Airlines from Wenzhou to Beijing will land at newly-built Daxing airport, and other flights MU5293, CA1540, CA1568, MU5133, CA1957, CA1951, HU7252 and MU5217 from Wenzhou to Beijing will still land at Beijing Capital Airport. Passengers should be careful to choose the proper airport before buying tickets.

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