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WMU’s President Elected as CAE Academician
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On Nov. 22, the Wenzhouese Wechat Moments were dominated by a piece of good news: Li Xiaokun, President of Wenzhou Medical University(WMU), was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). This is the first time that an imported scholar established in Wenzhou has attained the title in this city,which shows that in recent years, the local work of talent introduction and fostering has been quite fruitful.

According to a list of academicians elected in 2019,released by the CAS and the CAE on Nov. 22,  64 and 75 candidates were honoured with the titles of CAS and CAE academicians respectively. Li Xiaokun was elected as academician at the CAE Medicine Department. 80% of the new CAE academicians are elected from national-level institutions. Li is the only one from a prefecture-level city.

"My election signifies that Wenzhou has a good environment to make you a success," said Li with emotion upon being interviewed after the election. He added his achievements are closely related to Wenzhou as he was introduced to Wenzhou as a high-end talent in 2005, and he and his team have committed to scientific research in Wenzhou for 15 years.

“It is in Wenzhou that my research in growth factors has taken the lead in this country and in the world, and in Wenzhou my team members have taken root, grown up, and made significant achievements. 70% of the team members are non-locals but they have gradually integrated in Wenzhou. In recent years, more locals have joined the team. Wenzhou is not only the commercial capital of the country, but more importantly, it will become the center of science and technology, and of talents. Wenzhou is moving forward towards the ‘destination’," said Li Xiaokun. 

Li is hailed as the father of China's "growth factors". In the past 30 years, he has focused on the fundamental theoretical research of macromolecular protein drugs represented by growth factors as well as related new drug research and development. He discovered and expounded first in the world the correlated mechanisms between FGFs family and metabolic diseases. He put forward a theory hypothesis on the "growth factor metabolic axis", providing a new idea for the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic diseases, and opening up a new field for the development of new drugs for the diseases treatment.

The high-end talent is the most important resource. It is a tremendous achievement in the introduction and fostering of talent teams in Wenzhou that an academician has been turned out locally. In recent years, Wenzhou has successively launched a series of weighty measures to attract talents.  Since last year, explosive growth has taken place in the number of high-end talents and college graduates in Wenzhou, and the number of talents included in the national and provincial“10,000-talent Programs”ranked second in Zhejiang Province.

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