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A New Coastal Expressway Put into Use
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It is learned from Wenzhou Communications Investment Group Co.,Ltd. the coastal expressway (Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou double track, with the length of 95.5 kilometers) is about to operate on November 15th, which means the part of coastal expressway from Linkun Island to Cangnan Town has been completed, making a milestone as the longest one-time highway record with the total length of 500 kilometers and ranking the third in Zhejiang province.

As an important part of Zhejiang Province's plan of Expressway network (“2 verticals, 2 horizontals, 18 links, 3 rings, and 3 channels), this coastal expressway has been divided into two sections (one is from Linkun to Gexiang, the other is from Rui’an to Cangnan), which are all constructed now according to the expressway standard with the double-way 6-lane and a designed speed of 120 kilometers per hour for cars only.

The section of Linkun to Gexiang begins from Linkun island and ends in Rui’an’s Gexiang, which is the beginning points of Cangnan section. With 38.6-kilometer-long coastline and a total investment budget of 14.03 billion yuan for its construction project, Gexiang is remained as traffic hinge linking the South-west line of the Round-the-City Expressway. This new section expressway has been completed nearly three months ahead of the planned construction period. There are four interchanges (without remained interchanges): Linkun, Airport, Jinhaihu, Rui’an (a combination of interchange and service area)

Meanwhile, the other section of Rui’an to Cangnan Expressway begins from the East Gexiang of Rui’an, linking the ending point of Linkun to Gexiang Exprssway and the Gexiang Hinge of the Round-the-City Expressway, and ends in the Dailing Tunnel of Cangnan located at the borders of Zhejiang and Fujian Province, linking through the project of Shacheng Bay cross-sea channel. The total length of this line is 56.9 kilometers, with an estimated investment of 15.66 billion yuan. This Rui’an to Cangnan section expressway has been completed nearly ten months ahead of the planned construction period. There are 6 interconnected crossing bridges (one is preserved): Aojiang, Longgang, Qianku, Longsha, Mazhan, and Lupu(preserved).

After the opening express of Linkun to Cangnan, the citizens nearby could choose their own ways available to highways, which is relatively convenient because the distance between Linkun and Rui’an is shortened to about 25 minutes, while the distance between Rui’an Gexiang and Cangnan Mazhan is also shortened to about 30 minutes.  Besides, the journey between Aojiang and Airport will be shortened to 25 minutes by car (about 42 kilometers). The Longgang-Airport and Mazhan-Airport will also be shortened to 30 minutes (about 48 kilometers) and 50 minutes (about 83 kilometers) respectively.

It is worth mentioning that after the completion of the Oujiang North Bridge, this coastal expressway (as Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou double track) will fully connect the whole areas closely: Dongtou, Longwan, Oujiangkou Area, Rui’an, Pingyang, and Cangnan, forming a 200 kilometers high speed closed-loop, which is faster and longer than “Hangzhou One Round” and “Hangzhou Middle Line,” in length. Such mature transportation network shortens the distance from Wenzhou to other places, contributing to national comprehensive transportation hub and the One-Hour Transportation Circuit has been formed in Wenzhou.

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