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Wenzhou Enterprises build “TrustChain” out of “Blockchain”
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The recent hottest topic blockchain has attracted the attention of many citizens. Wenzhou is at the forefront of research and application of the blockchain technology.

“Tendency Technology”: to build a platform for mass prevention, mass treatment and elderly care

Huang Rongzhi, director of the Data Platform Center of Zhejiang Tendency Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that after applying the blockchain technology, the data has distributed storage with all the information “scattered” on all servers. The more nodes the data is distributed to, the more secure the data is. Tampering with the data of one server affects neither the data of other nodes nor the final result. However, the blockchain also has its own shortcomings, that is, the real-time retrieval consumes a large amount of resources, and it takes a certain amount of time to extract a large amount of data at one time.

Huang Rongzhi said that they applied blockchain technology mainly to establish a credit system. Recently, they are contacting the relevant municipal departments to launch a platform to encourage the public to participate in caring for the elderly and mass prevention and mass treatment.

“Makepower”: to safeguard user information security of the sharing economy platform

Huang Yongda, executive general manager of Zhejiang Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd., introduced that the company has a sharing economic management platform, which connects multiple shared products to the platform and monitors through a large platform the operation of all devices, including device location, condition, order flow and use frequency to achieve standardized and integrated management of shared products.

At present, this platform has access to such shared products as shared massage chairs, shared pedicure devices, and shared car sterilizers. During the operation of the platform, many management issues of account information are involved.

Huang Yongda said that he is worried that problems may emerge if all the information is stored on the platform. If the platform goes down or encounters an attack, the user account may be lost, causing everyone not to trust the platform.

When the company built this platform the year before last, it felt that it was very suitable to apply blockchain technology.To this end, many people in the company went to the Silicon Valley for inspection.

The company stores the account information of each platform user to each user. Take the shared car sterilizer as an example. If there are 1000 car wash shops on the platform, their account information and settlement records will be stored in their own and several other shops’ accounts. In this way, in case that the platform is crashed, as long as the data is obtained from one user, all the data can be restored to ensure the information security of all users.

“Etone Technology”: to establish a trust mechanism of point incentives for garbage classification

Hu Yifan, Chairman of Zhejiang Etone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. explained the Internet + garbage classification intelligent recycling solution based on the blockchain technology, which solves a series of problems in garbage sorting. After the placement of the Etone smart garbage sorting bins in the community, residents use mobile phone scanning, face recognition or swipe to log in to the recycling bins, put the garbage into the bins, and get the incentive of points according to the pricing mode based on the amount of garbage. The points can be exchanged for daily necessities and family services in the exchange machines, the community offline stores, the online stores, etc.

Strive to build 2-3 blockchain industrial bases by 2022

For the blockchain industry in Wenzhou, last November 30 is a memorable day. On the afternoon of that day, Wenzhou Blockchain Research Center was established. The center is dedicated to boosting the application and industry of Wenzhou blockchain technology and promoting the innovation and development of Wenzhou’s real economy.

In mid-November last year, Wenzhou Municipal Government issued the “Implementation Plan of Doubling Wenzhou’s Digital Economy in Five Years”. In terms of the blockchain industry, the plan proposed to focus on the application of blockchain in finance, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, credit system construction, smart city, intelligent manufacturing and so on to form the blockchain application industry system. It also specified several measures. The first is to build Wenzhou Blockchain Research Institute; the second is to lay out blockchain industrial parks in South Zhejiang Science and Technology City, Lucheng and other places to form the development zone of Wenzhou’s urban blockchain; the third is to learn from Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other pioneering areas to cultivate a number of outstanding blockchain enterprises by making full use Wenzhou’s existing industrial advantages, financial reform, and Wenzhouese businessmen; the fourth is to fully mobilize the city’s capital advantages of “crypto currency speculators” and the industrial fund of overseas Wenzhouese businessmen to organize and guide relevant enterprises to form the “Wenzhou Blockchain Industry Application Development Fund”, thus promoting the digital industrialization of blockchain technology. Wenzhou strives to create 2 to 3 blockchain industrial bases in the city by 2022.

Qi Xuexiang, deputy director of Wenzhou Blockchain Research Center, believes that Wenzhou is at the forefront of research and application of blockchain technology in China. On the one hand, Wenzhouese boast many national firsts in the application of blockchain technology. Bepal, Black Shield, and Coin Assistant are potential blockchain companies in Wenzhou, and blockchain can be applied in food traceability and intellectual property as well. On the other hand, Wenzhou established a blockchain research institution earlier, and absorbed well-known blockchain enterprises such as 8BTC, Huobi, and Yunphant as well as local experts, lawyers and other social forces to participate in the policy research and application development of  blockchain in Wenzhou.

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