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“Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service” Manages over 5000 Issues Annually
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Overseas Chinese no longer need to fly back and forth between Wenzhou and cities abroad as more and more overseas Chinese affairs can be handled on the platform of “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service”. Recently, “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service” issued its annual report that it has dealt with more than 5000 issues and consultations up to now. Overseas Chinese now also enjoy the benefits of Wenzhou’s reform of “Run-Once-Most” even though they are abroad.

As a well-known homeland of overseas Chinese in China, Wenzhou has 688,400 overseas Wenzhouese in 131 countries and regions, and 340,000 returned overseas Chinese and their relatives, which account for about 12.6% of its household registered population. Last year, in order to solve such headache problems for overseas Chinese as high costs, troublesome trips, and time-consuming and complicated procedures related to managing issues in Wenzhou, Wenzhou pioneered the country to build the platform of “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service” which covers the whole city and offers standard operation and online and offline services. Its goal is to make it possible for overseas Chinese to handle their domestic issues even when they are abroad.

Today, 6 cities in four countries, France, Italy, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates, respectively, have set up eight sites of “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service” where overseas Chinese can deal with their affairs related to Wenzhou. Wenzhou Citizen Center and the Administrative Service Centers of six counties (city, districts) with the most overseas Chinese, including Wencheng County, Rui’an City, Lucheng District, Ouhai District, Yongjia County and Yueqing City, have established a comprehensive service desk to provide professional services for overseas Chinese.

In order to extend the overseas Chinese services and given the actual needs of overseas Chinese, Wenzhou integrates government services, judicial services and petition services into Overseas Chinese Service Centers to provide “one-stop” service and “one-room” experience for overseas Chinese. In the field of government service in particular, in accordance with the principle of “granularity optimization”, Wenzhou compiled uniform management guides for 84 items related to overseas services including household registration, entry and exit, real estate and so on, aiming to reduce the frequency of trips made by overseas Chinese to go through procedures in China. In this way, matters like the scope of management, application conditions, application materials, processing time limit, etc. are regulated and are easy for overseas Chinese to get clear of and figure out.

According to the relevant personnel from Wenzhou Municipal Affairs Service Bureau, in order to ensure the standardized operation and normal service of “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service” platform, Wenzhou has set a joint meeting system on the work of “Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Service”, in which the Municipal Affairs Service Bureau, the United Front Work Department, the courts, public security bureaus, and judicial administrative departments are responsible for contact, and joint arbitration institutions, notary institutions, commercial mediation organizations, industry mediation organizations, etc. regularly organize special meetings and study to timely solve problems.

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