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Q1-Q3: Wenzhou Made New Progress in Foreign Trade
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In Q1-Q3, there was good news in Wenzhou foreign trade exchange that made great achievements, for the export growth volume ranked the first in Zhejiang province, accounting as the second growth in Zhejiang. According to Wenzhou Customs statistics,from January to September, Wenzhou’s total foreign trade volume reached RMB 136.94 billion,up 22.00% year on year, The exports increased by 26.8%.ranking the first in growth of Zhejiang province, 19.3 points higher than the provincial average. Accounting for 21.8% of the total export growth of Zhejiang, listing as the second place in Zhejiang ( up from sixth for the same period last year).

The accelerated speed of foreign development specialized in the area of Market Procurement. It was noted that in Q1-Q3 Wenzhou’s exports increased to RMB17.24 billion through the Way of Market Procurement, accounting for 14.2% and contributing 18.1 points to export growth. the export processing trade hit RMB 2.78 billion, up 8.4%, taking 2.3%. The export and import through bonded logistics declined 12.9% to RMB 4,700 million.

Moreover, private enterprises depended on more than 90% foreign trade and grew rapidly. In Q1-Q3, the total import and export volume of Wenzhou private enterprises reached RMB125.6 billion, up 25.5%, attributing 22.7 points in export growth. In terms of subject structure in foreign trade, there were about 7,768 private enterprises with exports records in Q1-Q3, with an increase of 11.5%.

The undeterred Wenzhou businessmen were always focusing on emerging market in foreign trade. According to Wenzhou Customs statistics, the trade with ASEAN, Africa, Latin America, EU, and USA went up by 200%, 50.2%, 14.1%, 9.1%, 5.5%, respectively. The trade with countries involved in the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) reached RMB50.11 billion, up 42.0%, taking 58.0% of the export growth.

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