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A New North-South Avenue in the East of Wenzhou’s Urban Districts
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Binhai Avenue is the only channel connecting Longwan District and Rui’an City in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as WZTDZ). It has heavy traffic jam and traffic overload, especially at the morning and evening rush hours, as it is frequented by citizens travelling among WZTDZ, Longwan and Rui’an, and many freight vehicles in WZTDZ. Fortunately, its traffic flow can be diverted and congestion can be alleviated thanks to a newly-built north-south road connecting Rui’an, WZTDZ and Longwan. It is learned that Huanshan East Road has been basically completed and is planned to be open to traffic by the end of this year.

Huanshan East Road (also known as the Project of Yongzhong to Haicheng Section in Longwan, Dongtou to Lucheng Section of National Highway 330) is an integral part of the National Highway 330 from Dongtou to Lucheng. Its main line starts from Yongding Road, Yongzhong Subdistrict, Longwan District, through Yongzhong, Shacheng, Yongxin and Tianhe Subdistricts, to Haicheng Subdistrict. Lasting for about 11 kilometers, the main line is connected with Lingkun Avenue and the planned Huanshan South Road of the National Highway 330. Meanwhile, a 1.8km-long Longwan Haicheng branch line is built in the south, linking the planned Longrui Avenue in Rui’an. With a total construction mileage of about 12.8km and a total investment of about 2.6 billion yuan, the line will be constructed into a first-class two-way highway of six lanes with the urban road function. It has a 44-meter roadbed and its design speed is 80 kilometers per hour. It will be built in two sections, i.e., the WZTDZ section and the Longwan section, constructed by WZTDZ and Longwan District respectively.

The Longwan section starts from Yongding Road in Longwan District and ends at Hengshan Tunnel (at the junction of WZTDZ and Longwan District), with a length of about 5.8km and a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. Its construction was started at the end of 2014. “It is basically completed at present and is in the final stage,” said a staff in charge of engineering in Longwan Traffic Construction Center, “ Next, it will be checked upon delivery and is expected to be open to traffic by the end of this year.”

The WZTDZ section of Huanshan East Road, about 7km long, starts from Hengshan Tunnel and ends at Longrui Avenue in Rui’an. It goes through 7 tunnels and 6 bridges, with a total investment of about 1.58 billion yuan. According to the Management Center of Preliminary Construction of the Project in WZTDZ, the WZTDZ section started construction in September 2015. “Employing the PPP mode, WZTDZ Board of Management innovatively introduced social capital for cooperative construction. So far, the main section of the project (Hengshan Tunnel – Rui’an Luomei Line) has been completed. It is expected to be checked upon delivery next month and will be open to traffic by the end of this year. Besides, the branch line (Rui’an Luomei Line - Longrui Avenue), which is about 1.8km, is still under construction, and is expected to be completed in 2021.”

Huanshan East Road will become the main road in WZTDZ when it is put into use, effectively diverting the traffic flow of Binhai Avenue and greatly alleviating its congestion. At the same time, together with Huanshan North Road under construction and Huanshan South Road to be built in the future, it will form a road network around Daluo Mountain to connect Rui’an City, Longwan District and Ouhai District. As a result, it will be more convenient for citizens nearby to travel around.

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