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Wenzhou Municipal Government Offers One-stop Service to 24 Issues
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To improve the people's livelihood, since the beginning of this year, the Wenzhou Municipal Government has focused on public concerns, including birth certificate, school application and registration, employment, marriage, child-bearing, house purchasing, rescue, medical treatment, retirement, elderly care and funeral. According to different needs in different periods of a citizen's entire life, 24 major issues have been sorted out. Relative departments have re-designed the approval procedures, enlarged data sharing, strengthened collaboration, thus promoting the “one stop, one trip” efficiency reform launched in Zhejiang province in 2017. All these have enhanced citizens’ sense of gain in their daily life. Here are some examples.

“One Issue, One-stop Service” Platform for Newborns

Wenzhou becomes the first city in Zhejiang province that has established “one issue, one-stop service” platform for newborns. Among the 24 major issues,the newborns related applications for and their approvals of birth certificates, vaccination,  maternity insurance and citizen (social insurance) cards are regarded as “one issue” and can be conducted at the “one-stop service” platform, which has been put into operation at the city’s 37 hospitals. “Because my hukou, or household registration is in Yongjia, I worried that I cannot apply for the birth certificate in Lucheng District. Now it is more convenient after the cooperation between departments.” Recently, Ms. Zhang, who delivered a baby at the Wenzhou People’s Hospital, enjoyed the the efficient online service. Mr. Wang, who comes from Wenzhou’s satellite city Rui’an and has just had a baby at the city’s Central Hospital was also very pleased with the service platform, which frees people from tripping in person to different departments to go through related formalities. Besides, it reduces the processing time from 6 working days into 2 hours, and the number of application evidences from 29 to 5, and realizes the cooperation of certificate application across districts in the whole city, greatly facilitating the residents in suburb areas.

Easier Junior High School Enrollment

By automatically sharing, comparing and verifying the data of school registration, household registration and real estate, the upgraded Urban Junior High School Enrollment Convenience Service System 3.0 version will basically implement paperless application and registration for over 95% of the applicants. The citizens just need to log in the official website of the Wenzhou Education Bureau or follow the Wechat official account, or click “urban junior high school enrollment” in “convenience service” on the website. This conduct is listed as a good example of the “one stop, one trip” efficiency reform achievements in Zhejiang Province. Next, Wenzhou will fully start up the “Wenzhou Kindergarten and Compulsory Education Enrollment Management System", and implement the online service and smart phone service of enrollment, application and admission.

Public Rental Housing Approved with ID Cards

Not long ago, Ms. Yu from a household with the minimum living guarantee in Songtai Subdistrict, Lucheng District, took her own and her family's ID cards and obtained the approval of her 2019 public rental subsidy application within 5 minutes. This is because Wenzhou has taken initiative to implement “one issue, one-stop service” for public rental housing. Since the implementation of this service, 78,365 cases have been dealt with, almost 158 cases per day. And the approval time is reduced from 90 working days to 30 working days. Some cases can be solved within even 8 working days. The satisfaction and well-being of the people with housing difficulties have been greatly improved.

One-stop service at the Human Resources Office for Retirement

As a pilot city for retirement-related “one issue, one-stop service” reform in Zhejiang province, Wenzhou takes the lead in starting up the cooperation among 18 departments and handling on line retirement application and approval procedures with 25 steps,which originally needed to be addressed  at the related departments in different places. The time limit is reduced from the previous 20 working days to no more than 5 working days now.

By the end of this year, all the residents in Wenzhou will enjoy the cross-district one-stop service.

More Simplified Funeral Procedures

Based on the reform of the funeral approval system, reduction of the processing time and cost, and optimization of services, Wenzhou’s related government organs have reduced funeral approval time from at least 1 day to half an hour. “In the past, if I forgot to bring the evidences, I need to go to the departments more times. Now the procedure becomes very convenient, and saves me a lot of time and energy,” said a Wenzhou’s resident Mr. Yang.

People’s hope leads to the target of the government administration. The first priority of Wenzhou's “one issue, one-stop service” reform is to solve people’s difficulties and troubles. An official of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee Reform Office said that they will further optimize the service reform by proactively exploring and sorting out more issues, and continuously launching down-to-earth and innovative measures, so as to deepen the reform and benefit more people.

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